How I think Dad 2.0 Summit will differ from other blog conferences I go to

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I'm flying off to New Orleans on Wednesday morning, for the only “dad blogger” conference, the Dad 2.0 Summit (not-so-shockingly brought to you by the same folks who do the Mom 2.0 Summit) I won't be the only woman there, and am actually flying in with my friend Jessi, but it is definitely going to be different from the other conferences I've attended.

So I've decided to compile here a list of how Dad 2.0 will be different from the “mom” conferences I've gone to.

  1. Less thought about what I'll wear. This wasn't actually intentional, it's just that I realized today, only a day and a half before I leave, I haven't put a single thought into what I'm going to wear this weekend. When I'm prepping for Blogher, I make special shopping trips and spend weeks considering outfits for various events, breaking in shoes, contemplating accessories. Hell, for Type A a sewed a freaking skirt just to wear to ONE three hour long party! I have no idea why this difference is; it isn't that I feel like I'll be judged more at the women's events, I just spend more time thinking about it, I guess.
    This also isn't to say that I just threw yoga pants and t-shirts into a duffel bag. Once I made the realization, I did put together my outfits for the weekend and get packed.
  2. Lines for the ladies room will be shorter. Maybe. This is simply a win.
  3. Less hugs, more handshakes, I'm guessing. But this could be as much a function of not knowing as many of the dad bloggers as I do moms. And I'm simply less likely to hug a man I don't really know than I am a woman I don't really know.
  4. No crazy dance parties. I love me some Sparklecorn and the Disney Parks party at Type A was a favorite, but I'm not expecting the dads to git down get funky the way the moms do.
  5. A sponsored lunch hashtagged #ForTheLoveOfCheese that's brought to you by Kraft. For the love. Of cheese. We do NOT get cheese-sponsored meals at women's conferences… we get diet TV dinners.

These are the ways it will differ, but there's one way it will be the same, and that's what matters:

  1. It will be a gathering of passionate, influential, knowledgeable people from all over the blogging space. Talking, sharing, learning together, and creating a community based on our similarities as well as our differences.

And isn't that really what this is all about?

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  1. This is precisely what it’s all about. What I’m looking forward to most is the insanely ironic comfort level we’re about to encounter. It may make me switch back to only attending male prominent events. Maybe.

    Okay, so I’m looking forward to the cheese a lot too.

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