The Tower

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The prompt: This week’s assignment will require the fewest number of words ever: we want you to write a story – your choice of topic – as a tweet. (140 characters total)

She came around the corner and into the sunlight.
It stood before her, finally, in all its splendor.
Gasping, she let the tears fall freely.

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  1. I thought of the Eiffel Tower because I will SO cry one day when I finally get to see it in person! 🙂

    Great job!

  2. Liked it! Though my mind went sci-fi – the monolith in 2001 Space Odyssey. I should probably get some help.

  3. I love that by doing this as you did, we can all superimpose that which we most desperately wish to see one day. So well done!

  4. When I read the word Tower, I always think of 9/11 – maybe a slice of the future when one will stand tall once again? Lovely.

  5. oh so many towers to pick from, this time of year I think of one gone but not forgotten. However whichever one it is , this was powerful and poignant and WONDERFUL. 🙂

  6. I drew in my breath as I READ it.

    Now I want to know what the it is.

    Maybe. Maybe it is better left to my imagination…

  7. Oh, this made me smile! Such a lovely description of happiness and excitement. Nicely done. I'm visiting and following from WOE.

  8. Yes! Love it! Because I could see her in my mind, I could hear her gasp, I could feel her tears. What a beautifully crafted story.

  9. This tweet gave me more questions than answers – and I'm very curious.

    Excellent set up and tease for the reader.

  10. Why is she crying? I hope I will get to read the whole story sometime. Great use of words to pull me in!

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