The thing about a bucket list

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bucketDid you notice it up there?

When I redesigned my blog, I decided to add my Bucket List to the top menu… partially because I feel like it comes up from time to time, but also to help hold me accountable. I want to make progress on my list. To actually do these things.

I compiled that whole list in September 2004, while Jamie and I were on our first roadtrip, just a few weeks after my (first) kidney transplant. We had been unable to take those kinds of trips while I was on dialysis, so it was a big deal! (That's also why the away game is #1 on the list; it's where we were headed at the time)

I wanted a round number, so my goal was to get 100 things. And that's where I made a mistake.

You see, a bucket list needs to be a living document. Like the Constitution.

It needs to have the flexibilty built in to it, so that as I, and as my desires change, the document can change to go with it, to stay relevant to my life. I finished that list over the course of our weekend away, and have since crossed 32 things off that original list, and will mark off another two this summer.

When I made my list, I only wanted to include things I had yet to do. I'd done cool things in my life for sure, but I decided that I couldn't be sure that they'd otherwise be on my list… does that make sense? Like, I built a house on a Navajo reservation in high school, and that's very cool, but I don't know if it's something I'd want to do now, if I'd never done it.

So I made my list.

And now, 9 years later, there are things on the list I don't really care to do. And I've done things that should be on here, but aren't.

I am officially updating my Bucket List, and will update it as needed for the rest of my days.

And so, I will start right here.

Things that were on my initial list, that no longer make the cut, for a variety of reasons:

3. See a shuttle launch live Sigh. Too late for that one.
9. Try colored contacts Almsot 36-year old me can't get excited about spending perfectly good money on “fun” contacts
17. Get my RN Simply not my career goal any longer. I've taken a different path
23. Own all of John Cusack’s movies on DVD Who buys DVDs of anything other than Disney movies any more?
25. Learn to knit and actually finish a project I took a class. Hated knitting.
29. Learn to play golf and play a full 18 holes I don't even know why I put this on the list in the first place!
53. Go see Emma in Germany Emma is our globe-trotting former exchange student. She doesn't even LIVE in Germany now!
59. Win something on the radio Who listens to the radio these days?
64. Own a purebred Tonkinese cat I'll pick a rescue over a purebred any day of the week!
70. Kiss the Blarney Stone Eew. I added this as something to indicate a trip to Ireland. Did the trip, didn't kiss the stone.
89. Get a chocolate facial in Hershey, PA Unless someone comes up with another reason to go to Pennsylvania, I don't see this happening.
100. Finish this scrapbook I was an AVID scrapbooker when I made this list. I'm not anymore, and finishing the list is, by definition, impossible, since it's a living document, like I said.

New additions to the list, as of today:

89. Participate in a flash mob
90. Attend a blogging conference
91. Visit Moffat, Scotland
moffat 92. Own a fisheye camera lens
93. Add a Kodak Beau to my collection (preferably pink or blue!)

And so now my list is updated.
What's on YOUR bucket list?

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  1. I love the new site, it’s gorgeous!!!!

    and ummm, I listen to the radio at work (and we have been known to win things from this NYC radio station from time to time…LOL)

    it’s all Sirius/XM in the car and iPods at home.

    and I live about 2 hours from HERSHEY…so if you need a reason to come to PA, make it “I’m going to see Kir! and then we’ll go to Hershey together!)


    1. I’m IN!
      We have satellite radio now too, that’s why I never hope to win anything!

  2. I have only gone as far as making a summer bucket list. I have not really sat down and determined a bucket list for life. Definitely something to think about.

    1. Just think of a few things you’ve always wanted to do and start your list! I’m a fan of crossing things off, that’s why I like having it put all together in one place!

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