The Scariest Part of Kindergarten

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lizzkinderLeanne broke her leg.
I fell off my bike and scraped up my face.
Melanie's mom worked at the Hello Kitty store and always gave us extra toys taped to our bags.
I graduated from a Big Wheel to a real bike; a sparkly red Schwinn.
I sat second row in the class photo.
When I was student of the week, my life-size paper doll wore a pink skirt.
The “Cherry Drop” was the scariest stunt one could pull on the bars at recess.
I got Moppet's Secret Dollhouse for Christmas.
Melanie, Leanne, Tami and Kelly are currently on a Facebook friends list, and were present for many of these experiences.
You know why?
Because we were all in kindergarten together, and these are some of my memories.
Kindergarten is the start of my earliest “real” memories; the things that don't necessarily have a photo to trigger it. The memories that are just there, and sometimes rise up, unbidden, from my mind.

Jamie and I have Max's kindergarten registration this afternoon.
Kindergarten. Registration.

Max is going to start, come September, Kindergarten. He'll be making those friends and memories that he'll have for always.

5thbirthdayThere is absolutely no denying that he isn't a baby any more. He's a full-fledged kid. I've said it a thousand times before, but now? It's clear to the world. It isn't about comparing him now to him at 18 months… it's about the whole world looking at him and seeing a 5 year old boy.

A boy who loves Lego and Star Wars and Angry Birds. He won't look at board books, because they're “for babies” and instead reads himself to bed at night, and he and his Daddy are reading The Boxcar Children books out loud together. He has strong opinions and isn't afraid to share them. He makes up and sings songs constantly, and would be happy to spend the rest of his life eating quesadillas, tomatoes, waffles and fruit snacks.

As I plan his upcoming (Star Wars, of course) 5th birthday party, I think back to my own, at the Golden Skate roller rink in San Ramon, and the thrill I felt when my name and “Happy 5th Birthday Elizabeth!” flashed across the big marquee over the rink. I am taken back to the rented orange-wheeled skates, the paisley print carpet and the western-themed party room.

We're officially making lifetime memories now, with Max. We're creating the stories he'll tell his kids someday, and it's a little bit scary, all that responsibility for his childhood memories!

I'd love to hear your kindergarten memories too!


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  1. oh how I loved this. I just talked to my friend since Kindergarten (well since I was 3) was her 43rd birthday. I remember so much of those days too..and you’re right, our sons are making their stories. WHAT a great way to look at it, to remind us to let them….

    I really love this.

    1. It’s cool to think we’re making lifelong memories, but it also feels like there’s a whole new level of responsibilty! They’ll start remembering this stuff! LOL

  2. Kindergarten was the start of a lifelong fear of the first day of school for me. I do remember the pigtails I wore on picture day and chasing the boys but not knowing what I’d do if I caught them and my teacher had a beautiful smile and loved reading.

    1. A fear of the first day? That makes me sad! Was it a new environment/lots of change thing, or did something terrible happen? 🙁

  3. OMG, Golden Skate! My cousin from San Ramon had a birthday party there. Might have even been when she was 5! I totally want to go skate now. 🙂 I remember my Kindergarten picture I had a Cabbage Patch Kids T-shirt, the thick bangs (just like yours!), and the cutest little smirk on my face. I also remember always eating raisins at snack time, playing “Heads up, Seven up” on rainy days when we didn’t go outside for recess, and my great-grandma always stirring together the PB&J before making me a sandwich. That was so good. I need to make my PB&Js like that again! Also, I can’t believe your little man is already a kindergartner. I remember his early arrival into the world, so it’s great to see him growing up to be this super-cool kid, but still… how is he already so big?! I’m sure he’ll be blogging on his own soon. 😉

  4. Wow. We moved so much that I was lucky to remember the name of the country and what language, let alone anything else. I always wonder what I would have been like if I hadn’t been an Army brat, but it is nice to know that my son will remember his soon to be kindergarten year. I plan to take lots of pictures!

  5. I loved my Kindergarten teacher. Miss Klein. Oh, those were the days, weren’t they?

    I love this walk down memory lane. My girls are two now, and will be venturing into preschool soon. It’s crazy how this time flies by.

  6. Kindergarten. I remember music and the fun that was. I remember making candles by all walking around in a circle stopping at cans of wax and dropping our wick down into the wax. I remember Mrs. Norris. But she was probably my 4-year-old class teacher. Hmm. Now what was her name?

  7. I so love this post. I met my best friend in K. And then I switched schools and didn’t see her again until Jr HS. When I recognized her from our K class picture. 🙂 And we became best friends again and ultimately college roommates! For the whole FOUR years! Kindergarten rocks. It’s crazy to have a kid that age, but it’s cool, too.

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