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A guy needs to look sharp when he's meeting the ladies for the first time! Max donned this fabulous ensemble (thanks to Auntie Jane and Uncle Austin for the stylin' shirt!) to make a trip to the scrapbook store to meet a bunch of my friends. So handsome!

Well, Max is officially a Stanford fan! (As am I!) He and I, along with Jamie of course, went to watch the Stanford Cardinals kill the San Jose Spartans… so fun! It was my first college football game and only my 3rd football game overall (not counting high school, but we didn't go to those games for the *game*) and I'm finally starting to understand what's going on ! Woot!

We started the experience just the way Jamie remembers from when he was a kid… we went to JJ&Fs for gigantic deli sandwiches and headed to the stadium to eat. (The remodel is gorgeous, BTW… Jamie claims he misses the splintery wooden benches, but my butt is glad for the molded plastic that's there now!) So we ate our sandwiches and watched the game. The world-famous (infamous?) Stanford marching band did not disappoint, and I am was reminded once again why I love the Bay Area so much.

Getting ready to head into the stadium… we're all set! Max is yelling “Go Stanford!” can't you tell?

Safety first! Yes, we really had Max wear these earphones for parts of the game. Not only are they stylishly in school colors, they muffled lots of the noise when the team came in at the start of the game and the train whistle that blows every time Stanford scores. And he looks damn cute, if I do say so myself!

We spent this past weekend up in Nevada City with Jamie's family… we didn't leave until Friday afternoon, so Max and I spent the morning at Super Frank's with Nana, Auntie Katie and Faith.

Max is apparently not entirely convinced that Super Frank's is fun… thank goodness he still gets in for free!

All Nana wanted was a nice photo of her with both kiddos… I think this one isn't bad!

It's just a matter of the effort it took to get that one photo! (Be very careful when you tell a 2 year old to “Smile big for the camera!”

We gathered with Jamie's family (sadly, minus 2 out-of-state brothers) to celebrate Jamie's dad's 70th birthday. Ed and Lucinda rented a gorgeous log cabin up in Nevada City and we spent lots of time just hanging out, playing games and telling stories. Max *finally* got to meet his cousin Marissa for the first time and he was a huge hit with everyone (of course!) There were so many cameras floating around I often forgot to grab mine, so I'm hoping to get more photos from family members as they are uploaded (hint, hint)

This ridiculous teddy bear was sitting on our bed at the cabin… we couldn't resist!

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  1. You are sooo busy, little dude!! I love love those ear muffs, what a great idea! The little ear plugs we use constantly fall out. It was so great to see you, Lizz! I’m so happy for your sweet family!

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