The LAST Vocab Check

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Seriously… he's adding words so fast, I can't keep track any more, and we're rapidly approaching the point where we just want to ask him to STOP talking for a minute! LOL

He's been on an animal kick lately, identifying animals in his books:
Pitto (Hippo)
Rawr (Lion)

And he's adding more animal sounds to his repitoire:
Ooo Ooo Eee for a monkey
Rawr for a lion
Meeoooow for a kitty
Moo for a cow

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  1. My MIL watches Curious George with Jack who is totally taken with the monkey noises and I LOVE to hear that Max has it mastered!

    And I was so impressed with all of his pleases and thank yous the other day! You do good work! Hope to see you again soon!!!

  2. I think the animal sounds are my absolute favorite! I love hearing a random "Mooooo!" from the backseat while driving past a field.

  3. I love the idea of a vocab check, I'm sorry I'm only catching on in time to see them come to an end. I'm definitely following your lead, once Miles says something other than "ooh" and "dadadadadad"

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