The hunt is on…

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I love this dress. It's very, very close to what I pictured when I first started *seriously* thinking about marrying Jamie… in all my day dreams, this is bascially what I wore.
I'm starting the hunt on Saturday… mom, Katie and I are off on the first shopping excursion. I'm leaving my wallet at home though, and just want to try stuff on and see where I go.
A dress on a size 2 model will look a whole lot different on me! LOL
But I'm going with an open mind and a strapless bra… what more do I need?
Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck Lizz!

    That dress is beautiful, and I bet you would look gorgeous in it too…

    Hope you are able to find one you fall in love with when it’s on!

  2. I tried on a long version of that dress and was bummed that it didn’t look good on me because it’s SOOOOOOOO beautiful. I hope it’s everything you hope it will be!

  3. I don’t think her legs look freaky… LOL

    Her feet did kinda weird me out until I looked at the larger pic, and realized she’s in shoes, they just cut that out of the pic…


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