Thankful for the YouTube vortex

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It's the month of giving thanks, and lots of people are doing so by posting their daily gratefulness on social media. (Don't want to do that? Download my “Today I'm Thankful” picture frame template! :))
So anyway, unrelated to that, I was on YouTube the other day, uploading the silly Star Wars video Max and I made, and I got sucked in.
The YouTube vortex.

I didn't grow up in a video camera-owning family. We had cameras, and lots of photos, but my dad just never got into the whole “giant VHS recorder on your shoulder” thing, so I don't really have video of myself. There are some things, school choir concerts, a play my cousins and I put on for the family when Katie and I went Back East one summer.

Jamie and I bought a video camera shortly before our wedding, so we have some wedding video, and honeymoon footage, but I've never gotten around to uploading it.
One thing I have done, and gotten around to uploading though, is Max video.

Since I have a YouTube channel, and sometimes post video on here, or want to share stuff somewhere other than Facebook (like Max dancing in his underwear, and asking me to “Send it to Nana to see!” Thank goodness for unlisted YouTube videos, right?

And then sometimes, like the other night, I find myself watching old videos.
Remembering my sweet boy, that little round-faced boy, and his adorable little voice.

Like this one, just about a 2 months after his third birthday.
Watching the video brings the memory of that day back; I remember his shirt, I remember him trying to bat his eyelashes at me while asking to watch a movie.
And I remember being thankful that my camera was within reach so I didn't have to get up to grab it.

And now? He loves watching these videos of himself as much as I do.
My sweet boy.

This post is a part of the NaBloPoMo challenge on Blogher, to write every day for the month of November. I technically missed yesterday, but had several multi-post days week, so nyah. 🙂

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