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I've realized more than a few times, that Max is doing something cute, and when I go to document it with pictures/video/whatever, he's stopped doing said thing… examples of this are his preemie grunting and the way he used to scrunch his neck up when you picked him up… Katie told me to get a picture of the scrunching thing, but I never did, and now I miss it!
One thing that he has more recently stopped doing is shaking his head or saying “no” in response to questions… I don't know if he could sense the inflection or what, but if you asked him a question, his answer was invariably “Noooooo” with an emphatic head shake. We had to be careful not to ask him things we wanted to hear a “yes” answer for; asking “Max, do you love me?” is a bad idea. Asking him “Max, are you a Nazi?” or “Are you a Republican?” are better choices, since you'll get the answer you want!
He now answers yes or no, even though it isn't really dependant on what you're asking or what the true answer is… he'll answer “Yes” to “Is that delicious?” even as he's spitting whatever it is out into your hand. *shrug* Two steps forward, one step back, right? 🙂

Now that Max is adding new words on a regular basis, I'm going to try to document them and what (we think) they mean!

He has the “usual” words: Mama, Dada, Nana, kitty, up/uppie, down, blankie, oh uh

Some of the more Max-specific ones:

cacko- cracker, his first official word
cookie- self explanatory (and picked up after spending a weekend with Nana and Papa… hmmmm… what do we think he ate all weekend?)
hep me- help me, also after hanging out with Nana
appoos- apples, but it applies to any and all smallish, round objects.
guck- We spent a day or so figuring this one out… we were a little concerned that is was a rhyming word of an “adult” nature, but finally realized it's “stuck” He uses it when someting's in his way (the baby gate) or he wants to relocate (out of the car seat)

Now that I'm writing them, I know there are more, I'm just drawing a blank! Folks who spend time with Max, what am I missing?

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  1. My son used to say uppie all the time. And I think the official baby word for apples is appoos. I just love watching this beautiful son of yours grow.

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