Take me out to the ballgame! Now.

How dorky am I? Let me show you. Can you tell what this photo is? Yup. It's the ball park. Lights on, from the San Mateo Bridge. We were on our way there, and as soon as I realized I could see the park, I *had* to snap a pic of it. *shaking head* I'm such a geek.

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We went to our first game of the year last night! Pre-season exhibition against the Angels. First off, we got to see our “home” for the season, our seats! There we are, section 134, row 30, seats 9 and 10!

All was well, until the 5th inning, when the skies openeed up and it started to rain.
And rain.
And rain.

So, we both got to experience our first rain out! LOL

So, because the game was called in the 5th, it counts as a loss for us, since the Angels had one run. (If it had been the 3rd or earlier, the game would have been re-scheduled… well, probably not, since this doesn't count for anything and is just an exhibition game. But during the season, they'll reschedule if it's the 3rd inning or earlier.)
I doubt that we'll have any more rain outs though! This is California, for goodness sake! LOL

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  1. woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    opening day!!

    love your pics… i’m the same way. anytime we drive downtown past the ballpark i always say (in the most pitiful voice)… “hi ballpark!”

  2. Yeah, it never rains in California…it hasn’t stopped this month!
    Very cool about the seats. Can’t wait to see photos during the day for a game.

  3. Hey Liz. I know you also post over here so I wanted to be sure that you get to see this…

    Can you please get back to me. I’ve sent a few emails and it’s been 2 weeks now. I really need to get my wedding invitations out. If you can’t do it — please contact me so we can arrange for me to get my $75 back.


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