Favorite SVG Resources for Crafts

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The Glowforge and Silhouette machines may be very different in how they work, but they have one thing in common: They use SVG files to bring your craft ideas to life! There are lots of SVG crafts resources out there, and these are some that we love!

I worked as a graphic designer for a long time, and I've used Photoshop and Illustrator for more than 20 years. (Seriously. Since before Photoshop had layers!) While I'm capable of creating what I need myself, there are also lots of great resources that can be huge timesavers, or even just offer plug-and-play simplicity with files that you can download and be ready to go. It doesn't matter if I'm crafting for my Glowforge or Silhouette, I'm always on the lookout for great SVG files I can use.

Whether it's downloading something simple like an image of a soccer ball, or a more detailed image and then manipulating it from there, there's always lots of ways to use pre-made files.

These resources are a combination of paid and free; if you're planning to use your creations for sale, be sure to check the licensing that you're getting when you purchase or download. Some sites are commercial license by default, and some require purchasing a different license than a free or a lower priced one. It's your responsibility to be aware of licensing restrictions on the files you use.

Design Bundles / Font Bundles

This is one of my favorites for sure! They always have tons of free resources that are updated regularly, and their bundles can't be beat. You'll find the most useable stuff for Glowforge, Silhouette and Cricut if you search the Crafters section, where there are tons of SVG crafts files. You'll find signs, design accents, logistics stuff (like care labels for handmade items) and much more.

While Design Bundles has lots of fonts, you'll find even more at their sister site, Font Bundles. It's a great place to go when you're looking for something specific, or you know the look you want, but need the perfect typeface for a project. Like Design Bundles, there are free fonts that are updated regularly, and totally worth checking out. Just as an example, you can get these script font bundles for around $4, AND they all come with a commercial license!

Creative Market

Creative Market is another one that's been around for ages. It's a good resource for product mockup images, as well as fonts and other designs. Their format is a little different; you purchase credits that you then use to buy the products, rather than just straight buy the single designs you need. You can save the more you stock up your credits, and get freebies as well.

They offer six free products every week, and you can unlock three additional free items if you purchase credits. A quick search for “craft SVG” brings up a combination of fonts, accents and quotes, so you're sure to find something that'll fit your needs.

Craft Bundles

Another site with lots of freebies and $1 deals, along with some really excellent deals on themed bundles. Visit Craft Bundles to check out the latest free files, and give it a search for other bundles you'll love. (I may have to snag this Happy Camper bundle for myself)
The Best SVG & DXF Cut Files For Crafters at CraftBundles.com

Creative Fabrica

This is a new resource to me, I just heard about it recently. They have daily freebies, where you just have to share to social media and you'll get a whole folder full of goodies. I just did today's, and got about a dozen different files, most of them being seasonal fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving themed. Join Creative Fabrica today and claim your free files!

The Hungry JPEG

Don't let the name fool you, there's so much more than JPGs! The Hungry JPEG has a free font bundle you can download (just need to share to unlock it) as well as a weekly free font. Freebies all include commercial licensing, so you can sell what you make with these products. Their SVG Crafts section has lots of great typography designs for every season and holiday.

So Fontsy

They have some excellent bundles available for very reasonable prices!

The following sites are for laser cutter specific files


Anyone can upload their files to this great resource site. They do a lot with 3D printing, so you need to search carefully. I find that searching “laser cut” gets me pretty reliable results. These are not commercially licensed items; you have the opportunity to “tip” the creator, but you need to contact them specifically if you're thinking about selling what you make.


Another crowdsourced platform for files, so you have to dig through to find what you're looking for, but there are some gems in here for your next SVG crafts projects!

Boss Laser and Epilog

Boss and Epilog are both competitors to Glowforge, and they offer a small collection of free files on their respective sites.

GlowforgeSVG craft files for Glowforge

If you buy a Glowforge, you'll get access to the Glowforge catalog, which has a variety of files, both free and paid (but not for commercial use) If you buy a Glowforge and use my referral link,  you'll save up to $500 on your machine! Get $100 off a Basic, $250 off a Plus (that's what I have) of $500 off a Pro! I'm always happy to answer questions, so feel free to ping me on Facebook or Instagram if there's anything you'd like to know! You can see the work I'm creating at Pew Pew Lasercraft.

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