Summer Entertaining with Snapware

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Shakespeare in the Park, Music on the Square, camping trips, birthday parties, family gatherings, or just because. These are the things that the best parts of summer are made of; gathering with friends and loved ones, whether for a specific reason or just because it's Sunday!

For us, this time of year, we especially love packing lunch or dinner to go, and heading to one of the amazing local parks around us.

But figuring out the best ways to transport our food can be a challenge; if it's hot outside, you want to keep veggies cool and crisp, if it's a party, you want things that are festive and pretty to look at on your table.

Snapware to the rescue!

snacktainer package

The Fruit & Veggie-Tainer is the perfect solution for veggies on the go. You get all four pieces; a large serving bowl, a liner that actually holds separate compartments, a smaller dip dish for the middle, and then latchable lids for the dip dish and the whole container.

snacktainer pieces

One of the coolest part (Heh. Coolest.) is these drain holes at the bottom of the compartments. You can fill the large bowl with ice to keep everything nice and cool, and the extra water will simply drain out the bottom, keeping your food from getting waterlogged.

snacktainer inside

And lastly, the whole lid latches on tight with 6 clips, so even if it tips over en route, it isn't sending carrots and cherry tomatoes all over the trunk of the car. Win. It's BPA-free, and dishwasher and microwave safe.

snacktainer closed

The Entertain-a-Bowls are my favorite thing, though, for several reasons. I can always use more snack bowls. These are cute to look at in bright colors, and I love the detail of the little handles. The largest turquoise Entertain-a-Bowl is sold on its own, but the pink and yellow ones come together in a set.

Stacked nesting

They have that reliable Snapware latching lid to keep everything contained, and the handles are large and comfortable to they're easy to carry. As a bonus, they're both microwave and dishwasher safe!

Insulated bowl

The bright white interiors not only frame your food beautifully, but they are insulated to help keep everything at the right temperature and delicious. The bowls also nest together perfectly, so they don't even take up that much space in your cabinet. If it's possible to have a crush on a set of bowls, then I have a crush on these bowls. 🙂

Nested bowls

Win your own set of Summer Entertaining Must-Haves from Snapware! Lots of ways to enter!

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  1. As a kid, my favorite Summer activity was swimming. I could have happily lived at the local pool. These days, Summer just seems like every other season, with not a lot of time for activities, lol.

  2. Some of our favorite summer activities is swimming, camping, & going to the beach. Only 1 week left before school.

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