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On the mommy message board I frequent, STTN is the goal of every mom… it comes up in conversation with moms of kiddos ranging in age from newbron to three or four years old. STTN is something every parent longs for, dreams of (when they can dream!) and is overjoyed when its accomplished, even if only once in a string of many days.

They STTN once, they'll do it again someday!

What is this amazing STTN thing, you ask? Sleep Through The Night! Max has slept through the night for the last TWO nights! We put him down at about 11:30 after feeding and don't hear from him again until its time for meds and breakfast at 5:00! There may be a caveat to this big step though… the past two mornings he has spit up a good portion of his breakfast. Specifically on me and on our bed… we get nice clean sheets two nights in a row! Oh joy! (I'm a fan of the silver lining)

If you have any theories on this weird spitting up behavior and if it may or may not be related to STTN, feel free to share it! We're stumped.

In other exciting milestones, we got 2 all clears today! The cardiologist called to tell us officially that Max's ductus (heart murmur) is completely closed AND the opthamologist gave him the all clear on his ROP! There is some scarring on his retinas that he'll always have, but the likelihood is that it won't affect his vision in any noticeable way later on. We don't go back to the eye doctor until February, when they'll do a check for “directionality” to see if he has a crossed or lazy eye and we can start taking care of that right away.

Remind me in late January to call and make that appointment! 🙂

We have the Regional Center people coming tomorrow to evaluate and meet Max… I don't know if I've mentioned it before. Because of his prematurity, Max is eligible for some assistance from the state to help with any developmental delays he may have. They will work with him, as/if needed until he's three years old, at no cost to us! Whether it's physical or occupational therapy or social/interaction assistance, it's there. Of course I'm hopeful we won't need to take advantage of their services, but it's nice to know it's out there if we need it!

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  1. yeah! SSTN is something I forgot about. But two of mine are 19 mos apart, so I remember those days, now that you mention it!
    good luck with more of those..soon it will be every night. i promise.

  2. Maybe Max’s tummy doesn’t like being empty for so long and it causes him to be a little pukey.

    Dare we interrupt STTN with a mid-sleep feed?

    Sounds like he’s doing awesome!

  3. Let me say how exciting it must be to have a baby sleep through the night. My little 9 month old angel has just started that the last couple of weeks, but it was interupted with a couple of nights with hours of crying no matter what we do. But I am so happy for you. Glad to see he is moving in the right direction.

  4. YAY!!! I woke up a few times thinking something was wrong the first time Cole STTN. I agree with Val. He’s never gone that long without a feeding, and it’s different and unusual.

  5. If he STTN, he may be hungry in the morning to the point where he gulps too much milk/getting too much air. You can try more frequent burping, or change the way you burp him. If he is used to vigorous pats, pat him easier and vice-versa. STTN is awesome!!!!

    Take care,

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