Custom Star Wars Flats

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All it takes is a little scrap of vinyl, a Silhouette machine and a pair of patent flats and you can make your own adorable customized Star Wars shoes! These aren't actually the first pair I've made, that's how much I love them! You can see my first pair at the bottom of this post.

Star Wars Shoes Supplies

  • Patent flats: I recommend using new shoes for this, but you could totally give new life to some old ones from your closet.

I cut my logos out at about 1.75″ around, but you may want to size them differently depending on your shoe size and style.

Then, this is the hard part… peel and stick the stickers!

It's THAT easy. There are a million designs you could do, the only limits are your imagination… if you search for the image of your choice with “vector” or “svg” you'll find file formats that will work well with the Silhouette software.

Like I said, these aren't the first shoes I've done this to… I also did a pair last year for our 10th anniversary vow renewal in Jamaica.

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