Star Wars GIFs for Every Occasion


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GIFs are an excellent way to communicate online when an emoji just won't do. ?Personally, I keep a selection of GIFs on my phone, for handy reacting on the go. And because it's me, there are many Star Wars GIFs. With so many movies to choose from, there's bound to be a perfect gif for every occasion. (Because it always comes back to Star Wars)

Am I missing a Star Wars gif that you love? Drop it on my Facebook page so I can add it to my collection!

Expressing support for a friend you love (also especially good if you're The Tall Friend):

When you're trying to sympathize with a friend's bad hair day:

The opposite, when you're feeling great after a stop at the salon:

All-purpose affirmative, whether the question is “Do you want tacos” or “Can I fold that load of laundry for you?”

When you're trying to express that you're bordering on hangry and really need food:

When those random strangers comment on your post, with nothing to add to the discussion:

When someone says something so insane or stupid that you can't believe it's actually what they said/typed:

When the same person from last week says the same dumb thing they said last week:

Whenever you don't take the bait on a one-sided internet argument.

When your overachiever friend rattles off a 37 item to do list of things that they're planning to finish “while the baby naps”:

Everyday, basically:

When no one but our Princess General will do:

And this one really needs no explanation:


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  1. I love star wars! Almost as much as I like Pickles! and that’s like I LOVE it like love but more! I delight, I think it is so fun and exciting!

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