Star Wars Party Food – Feed the Jedis

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I always love to do themed food, even if it's something as simple as renaming a packaged snack. So when we planned a Star Wars party for Max's 5th birthday, we had to have Star Wars Party Food.

This is the second post about Max's Star Wars 5th birthday party… you can read the first post here.

Droid Parts

Our Star Wars Party Food:

    • SPACE CHIPS : Doritos
    • DROID PARTS : Chex Mix
    • WOOKIEE COOKIES : Cocoa & Rice Krispy Treats
    • BOBA FETTUCINE : Pasta salad made with fettuccine
    • DROID ARMY : R2D2 shaped plastic Easter eggs, stuffed with Star Wars fruit snacks
    • GRAPE SABERS : Grapes on a bamboo skewer, with a duct tape-covered wine cork at one end for the handle
    • ASTEROID PUFFS : Pirate's Booty
    • JEDI JUICE : Fruit juice pouches and water

Star Wars Party Food - Wookiee Cookies

For the cake, I didn't want to challenge myself too much to the actual execution, so we created this “AT-AT Takedown” scene. The cake itself is just a lemon cake (Max's request) with white frosting to go with the frozen tundra of Hoth.

We topped it with a LEGO A-Wing fighter (yes, we know it's technically the wrong ship!) and put an AT-AT Walker model behind it, with wire wrapped around its legs, recreating a famous scene in The Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars Party Food - Cake

Read the party overview post here: Star Wars Birthday Party and come back next week for tutorials on specific projects!

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    1. We always do themed food…it takes 10 mins to make the signs and totally helps with the theme!
      We did a construction party last year!

        1. I had looked at one of them at B&N, but couldn’t commit to buying it. I loved the Admiral Ack-bars though!

  1. “They’re Chewie!” teehee I LOVE making party food themed. Some people think it’s cheesy, but I say, “BRING ON THE CHEESE!” I am a sucker for a themed party that carries the theme through everything. 🙂

  2. Boba Fettucini! Genius! I love the “Chewie” Wookie Cookies, too. My son just asked for a Star Wars birthday party. I’m totally ripping you off.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Brittany!
      I’m sure your party will be a smash!
      I’m extra proud of Boba Fettucini… it’s the only one I actually came up with myself! LOL

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