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30 days! One month! As my sister said this morning, the “home stretch”

Part of me can't believe it, part of me is wondering what's taken so long! LOL

We got Jamie's ring today, so I'm very excited about that… it's tungsten carbide, which is super heavy and has a really pretty black color to it… mine is just a plain 4mm white gold band, so it isn't really photo-worthy like Jamie's.

I'm running all sorts of finalizing errands, writing too many checks! LOL

We're having a wine tasting party next weekend to have some friends help us choose the wines for the reception, and my shower is next Sunday. I. Cannot. Wait!

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  1. I am so excited for you!!! And it really is the home stretch! The next month will go so fast. Mike’s ring was tungsten too. 😉

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