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Laney gave me a C- on blog updates. I suck, I know.

I've been so tired lately, all this working and commuting and everything!

We're doing good… work is great, I really enjoy coming into work every day.

Getting ready for Christmas; we aren't hosting anyone at our house this year, so we're only doing minimal decorating, but shopping and making gifts is always fun! We're giving some cool stuff this year! I can't wait!

Can't believe our first anniversary is less than a week away! “They” say the first year is the hardest… if that's true, we're in for an amazing life! 🙂

Spending this weekend baking! I'm doing a cookie exchange with some of my scrapping buddies next week, so my mom's coming over on Saturday to help me make nine dozen cookies! I think I'm doing my “famous” (according to Dave and Ann Marie! LOL) G.F.C.s (Good F—ing Cookies)

I'll share the recipe and pics next week.

See? This is why I haven't updated! I've been boring lately!

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  1. yeah, but at least now I know what you are up to! I am so swamped that it leaves little to no time for phone calls and long emails, so I rely on your blog to keep me informe. Today, you get an A+ 🙂

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