Son of a Beach!

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Sorry. I had to.
Forgive me?
Moving on.

Think California beach. Blonde girls, sexy lifeguards, 90 degree temps, white sand, blue water, surfers, right?
Not in NorCal! Our beaches can be chilly, the sand can be dark and pebbly, the grey-green water is freeze-your-butt-off cold, but I love them.
I prefer the beach on a cold winter's day, when I can bundle up and listen to the waves, than when it's hot and crowded and I'm worried about getting sand in places that should never be sandy.

We were lucky to spend the weekend a couple of weeks ago at one such northern California beach, when Jamie's grandparents, dad and stepmom rented a house in Half Moon Bay and invited us to join them! (OK, they invited Max and aquiesced that we could come too! :))

The weather man predicted rain on Sunday morning, but we were blessed with a gorgeous morning instead, so we headed towards the water for a little adventuring for Max and picture taking for me!

The beach is the only place Max is allowed to throw rocks,
so that's a major highlight for him…

3 generations, Ed, Jamie and Max

And I had some fun with macro and scenery shots…

This post is in response to the Mama Kat's Writers Workshop prompt,
“Photo story: Last time your family went to the beach”

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  1. love, love love these…what a talent Liz!! thanks for sharing it with us. Your little Max…OMG, my heart is just melting. 🙂

  2. beautiful pictures! the beach is great in the winter. We like to hit up the beach for Christmas. I guess I should mention we live in Southern Cali.

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