Social Media is Magic

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This crazy social media is capable of amazing things. Ah-mazing.

I read blogs every day; incredible fiction, inspiring stories,

Heartbreaking tragedies.

In September, I came across a blog called An Inch of Grey; I'd seen tweets referencing it, and to keep the writer of that blog, Anna in our prayers. Her son, Jack, had been washed away by a flash flood, and in the blink of an eye, was gone.

As mothers, our hearts all went out to Anna. An unthinkable thing. As women, as sisters, our hearts went out to Anna's daughter Margaret. Her brother was gone.

A short time after this happened, Anna made a shopping list, and her mom wrote a post about it.

Operation #LiftMargaret was born.

Word got on on Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere, and it (we?) took it from there, and tonight, this happened:

PS: I can't believe I'm posting a pic of the Beebs on my blog. PPS: Photo is property of An Inch of Grey, of course.

Social media is magic, people. It is capable of amazing things. I like to think that maybe one of my RTs (Retweets) might have triggered someone to make a call or send an email, but it doesn't matter if it was me. It matters that it was made possible.

We can't give her Jack back, but we can do this.

Some of Anna's posts to read:

5th and 7th Grade Her last post before Jack was gone

If it could be so… The grocery list

Margaret's Excellent Adventure The amazingness that's happening now.

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  1. This is remarkable… and totally made me cry. Even more so when I clicked over to the photos of Jack. My Mama-Heart was just shaken to the core. I’ll be praying for this family a bunch… I cannot imagine walking that path.
    Thanks for sharing. I’ve been amazed at the reach of social media lately… what a real community it really is… and how much people really DO care for each other. Thanks for your perspective.

  2. OMG. My heart is breaking and opening wide at the same time. Wow. That’s awesome, and so sad. I’ll have to read the posts another time, but I am getting yours out in my stream. Heart-breaking and inspiring. Sigh. Thanks for sharing.

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