Social service storytime with Zappos

Not sponsored. I legitimately enjoyed this interaction. And shooooooes!

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One day last month, I had to reach out to customer service at Zappos, because I could not, for the life of me, remember my account login info. I jumped on their customer service chat, and was immediately connected with Carol. (I wish now that I'd taken a screenshot or something)

Hi, you're connected with Carol, Zappos resident apple pie baker, how can I help you today?

Carol got my issue sorted out within moments. (Turns out I've been doing less shoe shopping than I thought and hadn't logged into my account in nearly three years. Take that, Mr. “You Have Too Many Shoes” Porter!)

Anyway, so I Tweeted @Zappos to give Carol a shout-out, and PJ replied in short order.

Because I can never resist the urge to drop a gif, I replied again with a pie fight gif. (Because why wouldn't you?)

It's all well and good, and I went on with my life. The following week, on a weekend even, I found one more mention waiting for me in the morning.

Carol's smiling face and a note from PJ.
Of course, I still wish they could have sent me a pie, but this is pretty dang close in the happiness making. I'm so appreciative of brands who have actually taken the time to learn how to use social, and Zappos is a great one.

Have you had a fantastic customer service experience on social? I'd love to hear about it!

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