So thankful.

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I really don't think I take enough time to be truly thankful for all that I have.
It's thanks to my fabulous friend, Erin that I am making more of an effort to do so.

It feels like I spend so much time looking to the next big thing, that I forget all the great stuff that's going on around me right now.

I have this spectacular husband, and I still can't believe he picked me! Besides being my bestest friend, my biggest cheerleader and my soulmate, he brings me breakfast in bed on the weekends and loves a bargain as much as I do! (He was *so* thrilled today to find a shirt for $7 and pants for $8 at Kohl's… “The whole outfit for less than $20!” He called me at work to tell me. I also think this is part of why my mom likes him so much.)

Speaking of my mom… I seriously can't express what I'm thinking right now. Moms are cool, we all know this. My mom's so far beyond, I don't even know. Yeah, there's the kidney thing. And the helping me clean my house thing. And the buying me stuff thing. But it's more than that. I know that I can come to her with *anything* that's on my mind, be it a vent, a brain dump or whatever. She's always (mostly! LOL) willing to hear me out.

My other go to person in my life is Katie. As we've gotten older, I appreciate and rely on her more and more. She gave me Faith, which is a relationship I was totally unprepared for. They say that it's different when it's your baby, that you didn't know how much you could love someone until they're your child. I don't know how it's *possible* for me to love someone more than I love that baby. She is a miracle to me, and I can't wait to see her playing with her cousins… our future babies. Katie and I have shared clothes, secrets and recipes for years… I can't wait until we're old ladies with grandbabies and we can tell them all the stories we can only share with each other now… to teach them “Dirt You Made My Lunch” and explain why Papa Joe is *never* allowed to give them a haircut. Not even a little trim.

And my friends… I used to be really afraid that I'd end up with no friends to call my own. When I was married before, it was just him, and I don't know if he made efforts to cut me off or if it was self-imposed (I was so young!) but I really didn't have any friends. Then I spent my couple of years very into the bar scene… I knew loads of people, but I only knew them when we'd all had a little something to drink and on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights.
The group of women I spend my time with now are the women I want to be… Erin, Laurie and Suzy, who show me every day that you can be a dedicated mother and still have a life away from the kids. Rocio, my Po, who is so smart and successful and creative and fabulous. Seeing her coming in to the store after a day at her very important rocket scientist job really inspires me to keep at this school thing, that there's a light at the end of it all, that there is work out there that I am meant to do and that I will love. Lonae, who has the MOST amazing relationship with her daughter… if I am blessed with a daughter, I can only pray to God that she and I grow up to be even a fraction as close as Amber and Lonae.

Geez, now that I started naming names, I know I'm going to miss someone! LOL
Vicky, who reminds me, in her own New York style, to always be who I am, and if someone doesn't like it, too fucking bad. (That f-bomb was totally for you, Vicky!) and Michelle and Nichole and the other Michelle and Angel and Jane and Ann Marie and and and and…

I thank God every day for thes people in my life.

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  1. omg, i’m bawling reading this beautiful thread girl!

    i wholeheartedly agree about taking time to let those in your life know they matter to you.

    i love you lizz. i love that you are who you are. and are so good at it. i love that you analyze words. and that you dig it so much. i love that while i don’t always agree, you share and stand firm with your opinions. you inspire me, to be the best MOM i can be, as i know this is my *job*, as you continually search for yours…until you have your babies.


  2. Yo, I got a shout out! Unless there’s another Ann Marie and I’m just a self-centered punk ass (which is entirely true too). I’ll pour a little out for you tonight, too, homie…

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