Sisters gotta sister

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For the last several years, we've spent Labor Day weekend camping with some friends and family at the Caledonian Club Highland Games. It's us, another family, and my sister and her family. We know all of our campsite neighbors, they're the same every year, and we have a great time at the Games and just generally hanging out in the grassy camping area of the fairgrounds.

My sister, as the mom of three girls, has become quite proficient at creating fancy braided hairstyles, so I never pass up an opportunity to have her do mine up all fancy.

Last year's look was a pretty tucked french braid situation that I loved:

This year's style, with longer hair and another year of braiding practice under her belt, was much more intricate. I tried to snap a selfie of the back of my head, craning my neck and extending my arms to snap a pic. The results were not so good.
braid selfie

So Katie, being the helpful sister that she is, offered to take a picture for me. I handed over my phone and turned my back to her, so she could get a photo of her handiwork.

Like toddlers and other small children, never trust a snickering sister.

Moments later, she handed me back my phone, so I could  actually see what my hair looked like.

Instead, I saw this:

katie 1 katie 2 katie 3 katie 4

She totally thought she was getting away with something, you guys. SHE THOUGHT.

(And the hair was lovely.)

braid whole 1

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