1. thanks so much for showing off your shot. what a great family photo. but yeah, I don't "get" why people like to be surprised!

  2. Our first's gender was a surprise. After that, my engineer husband said he had to know for planning and problem-solving purposes, not to mention his sanity. How could I argue?? Love the pure happiness you captured in this shot.

  3. Lizz's Sister, Katie, here.

    We don't find out for a number of reasons.

    1) Having my husband tell me that we have a daughter (so far…) instead of some random ultrasound tech is awesome.

    2) When we "sign up" for a pregnancy, we don't get to choose the gender. God does that. Knowing at 20 weeks or 40 weeks doesn't change that fact, but Reason #1 makes it nicer to hear.

    3) I'm a "planner", and really, babies need love, diapers, and boobie milk. I've got all of that and more. Planning Done.

    4) My husband and I both like surprises and the gender of a child is the ONLY (I challenge you to come up with another one as happy as that one!) surprise two people in a couple can enjoy without the other having had a hand in it.

    And thanks, Bib, for my pictures. I love them and love you even more.

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