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So we're technically a week into Max being seven, but here's something I wrote for the occasion. *Sentimental mush warning*
this is 7 - faces of maxSeven is Star Wars,
and LEGO,
and baseball.
It's fart jokes,
and “Tater!”
and making up songs.
Seven is sushi,
and pizza.

It's “Do I have wiggly teeth yet?”
“No kiddo.”
“Are you sure?”

Seven still hugs me,
gives kisses at school.
Still holds my hand,
not just crossing the street.
It's testing your boundaries,
at home and away.

Seven is a love of school,
but loving those no homework nights.
It's addition and subtraction,
sentence structure and spelling.
It's Harry Potter and Holes,
and cooking shows on TV.

Seven is infinity, lock, bomb, bullet.
That's how much I love you,
for seven and always.

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