Setting up a clean routine; our final step in potty training

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CB-sponsored-post-white-600I haven't really written about potty training, but now I'm gonna. (You've been warned! Click away now if you need to! I'm talking about poop)
Also, it might seem late to be talking about it; Max is five, and headed to kindergarten in one short month. So why am I writing about setting him up with a “clean routine”?
We didn't ever try to force Max into potty training; we didn't even start, really, until he was about three, and it wasn't until he was four that I stopped carrying a spare pair of chonies in my purse.
We've been plugging along with life, and I had firmly placed potty training into my “Done” column, until one random night a while back.
“Holy crap! Poop!”
Seriously, that's probably what I said. I had the realization that, in kindergarten, he's on his own in the butt-maintenance department, and that we should probably start teaching him that ahem skill.
Thankfully, we have Cottonelle to provide the tools we need to transition him to self-sufficient bum wipeage.
Helping Max develop a (safe!) clean routine now is important; no one wants any surprises where poop is concerned, be it smells, smears or otherwise.
We went to Target for toilet paper and I knew I wanted to get wipes for Max. I couldn't buy “baby” wipes because they aren't flushable and Max will have NOTHING to do with anything labeled “baby.”
So from there, I was torn: the ziploc-style packaing for wipes is fine, but I'm trying to get Max to take care of his own care routine; it defeats the purpose if I have to go in every time and zip the wipes shut! The ones that come in a pop-up box like baby wipes are easily available as well, but it only takes half a day of being left open, or the top not latching correctly, to have a wasted container.
Thankfully, the Cottonelle upright dispenser is different; you only get one wipe at a time, and even if it doesn't get closed (does it ever get closed?) the entire container won't dry out, thanks to the handy gasket-style design of the dispenser.dispenserSo we picked up a Cottonelle upright dispenser, stocked up on toilet paper, and headed home.
I told him that this was a special, cool thing for pooping… we picked up some Lightning McQueen and friends stickers, and when we got home, I let him go to town.
I really wanted him to be invested in his own success with this, and he gets into pretty much anything that's “his.” So now, when he goes into the bathroom, he's got his wipes there, ready to go, so we're well on the way to setting him up with his own clean routine for life.

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  1. What a great idea of using the stickers to help your son get comfortable with the new Cottonelle wipes. Love it!

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