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I am loving working at Picture Me Perfect! I actually really enjoy working in retail, helping a customer find the perfect “thing” is a lot of fun for me… at Kinko's, it kind of sucked. Choosing resume paper is only so creative. Helping someone who wants to learn how to scrapbook stock up on her very first supplies? A total blast! Helping a sweet husband who is buying birthday gifts for his wife pick fun new product? Too much fun! Getting my hands on the newest latest and greatest moments after it comes in the store? A total inspiration for scrapping! Several nights this first week, I came home and either scrapped or wanted to (working til 10pm can put a damper on the
scrapping thing! LOL)
Anyway, here are some of the pages I've scrapped these last couple of weeks…

The story behind it: This is one that I did after work one night… the title is stamped with these new KI Bubbleletter clear stamps… the stickers in that font are my favorite of all time. I was heartbroken when they were discontinued last year. But my heart is all better now, since I have STAMPS! Even better! Anyway, I was so excited, I came home, took this photo and did this page to play with my new stamps.

And the other story behind it: We aren't going to Australia for our honeymoon after all. We just couldn't get the flights to work out right. *sigh* It was a bummer at the time, but we've moved on to bigger and better plans! At 9am on Sunday May 20, Jamie and I climb onto a plane bound for London! When we arrive in London, we jump on a train to Liverpool (Gee, I wonder why? LOL) to spend a couple of days. We're then taking a ferry from Liverpool to Dublin, where we'll spend another couple of days. We'll go to the Guinness Brewery and to the Book of Kells exhibit at Trinity College and drink too much ale in general and then head south… to PARIS! We're going to spend 4 or 5 days in Paris (a dream come true, as this LO shows) and then back up to London. We'll stay in London for a few, take in a show on the West End (probably Spamalot since Jamie won't go for Equus or Chicago or anything! LOL) and then come home on June 3. We're thrilled (now) with this change of plans, and are counting the days. (We leave 9 weeks from today!)

The story behind it: There was a California Lottery commercial several years ago (like 10 or 15) with a guy in a grocery store, talking about how winning the lottery hadn't really hit him as real… he's walking through the store and you see his POV while he's pushing the cart. At the end of it, he stops in front of the dairy section and says “And then it occurred to me… I could totally afford ALL this cheese!”
It's been kind of a joke in my family for a long time, for some unknown reason, and when I looked at this pic of DH and I with his (almost entire) extended family, the same thought popped into my head. I gained 4 brothers and 3 sisters and various SOs and kids when I married into this crazy family! That's a lot compared to my one sister! LOL

A simple one of Jamie and I with Ashleigh at the wedding (duh) I actually drew all of the white lacy stuff with my trusty white Sharpie!

Jamie, Dave and Austin at the wedding… simple enough! LOL

The story behind it: Katie took this series of pics of Faith in her Dollar Spot headband a couple of weeks ago… I printed this pic to scrap, because it cracked my ass up, and I headed off to a crop that night. I got my assignments for the month, and happened to be given these “Seasons” cards. How perfect could they be? The “Spring” card and the flowers at the bottom were from my assigned product. How cute is this kid?

The story behind it: Another assignment project… the paper actually came like that! I just added the photo and a couple of little bling-y embellishments, basically! Easy peasy!

The story behind it: I was feeding Faith one afternoon and she started stretching her hand out like this over and over, so I snapped this pic to do this title on a page.

I actually did this one a while back, and I guess I just didn't get around to posting it.

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  1. dang girl!!! u been scrappin’ a LOT!!!!!!!! Love all these layouts…I can’t believe you did all that white scrolly stuff on the flower girl layout….I thought, where are these rub-ons in Suzy’s store? I didn’t see them!!!!! You did such a good job it looked like a rub-on!
    Was fun seeing everyone Friday night and hanging out…..Hopefully I can open up my schedule more to hang out more often in the future cause it was a lot of fun!!!!!

    See ya soon!

    Jenn =0)

  2. geez mrs lizz you go girl!!! didn’t know if i was allowed to say your new last name, given when i called you over to get in the picture with michelle and all of us…it was as if you had forgotten you were married, LOL!

    seriously…wow! love all your new los and the bling. my fave is the simple one of the guys and your little white touches all over.

    go woman go!

  3. Hey you… I think you and J-Dog are going to be honeymooning over our anniversary… think of us, will ya? NOT!

    Love all the layouts… I’m particularly fond of the doodling one and that cute little niece of yours… he he!

  4. WoW Liz you have kicked your scrapping into high gear! I am loving the stuff you have been doing lately. I like how you have the story behind the layout! And I am not even going to discuss your trip because my jealousy would spill over and I just wouldn’t be able to live with myself (but have fun anyway)!

  5. You go girl with your mad scrappin’ self! Loving all your layouts! I’m seriously jealous of your trip, but hope to be in Paris early next year with the new little one. Sigh!

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