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A collection of (very) short stories. They're all different kinds of scary. 🙂

She sat in the quiet room, absorbed in her book. A sudden flash as her reading lamp's light glinted off the blade. She never saw it coming, didn't have time to scream.

Bathroom door, closed. Water, running. The cat, not in the room. No other noises. “Whatcha doing in there, kiddo?” The cat howls pathetically. “Nothing Mommy!”

Asleep, he reaches in the dark, feeling blindly. His hands come up empty every time. Fully awake now, still blind in the dark, his lovey is nowhere in the bed.

“Sorry Ed, this economy… you know how it is. Times are tough for all of us. Something's gotta give. Silver lining though, I hear McDonalds is hiring.”

For this week’s Red Writing Hood prompt, we’re inviting you to truly scare us.
Here’s what you’ll need to do: Compose a post in the form of a text–160 characters.
Your text must elicit or express fear.

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  1. I like that they’re all different types of scary. I can relate so much to the closed door…”Nothing Mommy!” Another toddler doozy, “We’re ok!!”

    1. That would have been a good one! We always joke “Whatcha doing?” “Nothing!” “What are you doing it with?” “A hammer!”

  2. Oh, good ones! I definitely fear for your cat.

    The last one is terribly poignant, too! Creative use of the prompt!

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  4. the first and last….wow, consider me scared! I loved all of them, but those 2 made my tummy flip, telling me I am good and frightened.
    Great job!

  5. I’m a big fan of the second to last… my 7 month old does the still-mostly-asleep groping for his lovey. I can just imagine how scary it would be for him to be in the dark without it! Good job!

    1. Oh good, I wasn’t totally sure if it came across as a child… we left Max’s loveys at my parents house once recently… it was the WORST night ever.

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