Save money on meat with Lucky’s “Pick 5” Promo! #FreshFinds

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I really like the *idea* of couponing. I mean, really! Who doesn't want to save money on the stuff they're going to buy anyway? It's the execution of it that causes me issues; the whole “getting a paper” and “cutting them out” and “making a list” I'm too disorganized and last minute for all that! That's why I love promotions like the Lucky supermarket Pick 5 and Save promotion!


As much as I'd like to clip coupons, I just don't have time, so east-to-spot, easy to fulfill options like the “Pick 5 and Save” are my absolute favorites! I can easily see what the usual retail price is, and then what my savings are. We picked up three pre-marinated pork tenderloins (one of our favorite cuts!), and picked up a couple of 2 lb. packages of ground turkey, for only $25! It worked out to nearly half price, with us saving $23 thanks to the promo! You can check out the album of our shopping trip right here

I really appreciate the pre-marinated packages, because I can put together a dinner really easily. With Jamie and I both working out of the home, it can be a real challenge (especially as a non-planner like me ;)) And in the summer it's even worse, because at least in winter I can throw something in the crock pot in the morning. I can't be the only one who doesn't like the idea of crock pot food on a hot day, can I?

Happily, I came across these pork tenderloins, which are one of our favorite cuts, and are GREAT on the grill! These ones were actually marked as “Cook in Bag” but whenever possible, we'll choose the grill, if for no other reason than it's outside of our non-air conditioned house!

Meat on Grill

All it takes is a few veggies and some rice on the side, and you've got a delicious dinner that's light enough for a warm summer evening, simple and fast enough for busy working parents, and affordable enough to leave a little room in the budget, thanks to the Pick 5 promo!

Want more fresh ideas from Lucky? Check out their Pinterest board FULL of ideas!


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