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What's in your glove compartment?
Ooh! My deepest darkest mess-secret! My car has been broken into several times in my life, usually when the passenger compartment is full of Stuff… I think it just makes it look more tempted to the ne'er-do-wells who happen to pass by. As a result, I generally try to keep my car (visibly) cleaned out… so the little detritus of life that accumulates instead gets shoved in the glove compartment.

See what I mean?
  1. iPod(s) The iPod Touch *was* Jamie's… he got it when Max was born. I've since appropriated it, since my iPod (the other one in the photo) doesn't work when plugged in to my car outlet, for some unknown reason. Keeping the non-working one in here is admittedly a bad idea, and I actually brought it in the house with me after taking this picture.
  2. FasTrak Transponder So nice, not having to worry about having cash on hand for bridge tolls! Also, since the carpool fee went to $2.50 and *requires* the use of FasTrak, it's just crazy not to have one! (If you're in the Bay Area and don't already have one, you can get it from CalTrans by going here)
  3. Red hair flower feather thing This has been in here since Ed and Kristin's wedding. In March. I didn't want to put it in my suitcase for the drive home, afraid it would get crushed, so I stuck it in here instead. And here it sits. Since I got my hair cut short, it just doesn't occur to me to wear it… even though I think the flower clips look cute in the short hair!
  4. Assorted CD jewel cases Confession: I can't quite bring myself to only buy music online. I still haven't wrapped my brain around spending real money for a virtual product. I like having an actual CD to hold. There are several of Max's CDs in here (The Sippy Cups, Barenaked Ladies “Snacktime” album, and Recess Monkey) and a couple of mine as well, including Jason Mraz, 5 Cent Coffee and Neil Young.
  5. Lotion I'm addicted. I have to use lotion every time I wash my hands. So I keep it stashed in strategic locations all around my life. Desk drawers at work, my purse, my car, Jamie's car (Shhh! Don't tell him!), my parent's house… it's all over the place, so I don't ever get stuck with that gross my-skin-is-too-small-for-my-bones-so-it-hurts-when-I-move feeling.
  6. Mickey Mouse Playing Cards I have no logical explanation for this.
  7. Newpaper article My brother-in-law, Tim, lives in El Dorado Hills, near Sacramento. Along the highway in EDH is a gigantic rock that people paint to commemorate occasions… much like the big oak tree in downtown Danville (where I grew up) People mark birthdays, graduations, proposals… lots of things get painted on The Rock, and some friends of Tim's painted it in honor of his giving me a kidney! (Cool friends, right?) The local newspaper often prints a photo of the rock with the person/people it's about, and Tim's gift made it into the paper! They gave us an extra copy of the article, since it includes my name, and I haven't brought it in the house yet. To be honest, I kind of like having it there… every time I open my glove compartment, it pops out at me and I take a moment to be thankful. But I should probably laminate it or something…

I missed writing last week, since Jamie and I were away staffing a retreat, playing Mom and Dad to 40 or so high schoolers… and a post about that is forthcoming, I promise!

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  1. You don't even want to know what all is in my car…and neither do I! Lol. That's the hubby's job: keep the car clean and maintained. We also have made the mistake of leaving an ipod in the car. That thing got snatched so fast! Not fun.

  2. I have a black hair flower feather thing that's identical to your red one! But it's black!

    There's something about being able to see into your glove compartment that appeals to my voyeuristic side…is that creepy or what?

  3. and you looked fabulous with that red rose in your hair!! I also think you could still wear it, even with short hair! Kinda like a I'm feeling frisky and fun kinda dress up day sort of thing!

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