Saturday Seven

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What do you wish for when you see a shooting star, blow out birthday candles or toss a coin into a fountain?
I know there are some who will say that things won't come true if I say them out loud… I don't think that rule applies to blogs or to generalizations! I'm not actively doing any of the above listed activities at the moment, so I figure the statute of limitations will run out before I do any of those things.
And some of these aren't things I wish for any more, but used to in the past.

  1. World peace. Don't we all wish for that? Like as an afterthought after asking for all the other stuff. I'm pretty sure my seventh birthday wish went something like this: “A pony, a baby brother and the world's largest lollipop. And world peace. Amen”
  2. For Jamie to propose. This was my go-to wish from about early 2004 until late 2005, when it actually happened. We'd agreed that we were going to be together forever, I was just waiting on the formality of The Question. He strung (stringed?) me along for 50 weeks of 2005, semi-proposing after my sister's wedding (Jan. 8) but then not asking for official until Christmas Eve (Dec. 24, if you didn't know)
  3. A kidney, or just to have my health back. As long as you're wishing for things that are totally out of the realm of possibility, why not ask for the drama-free health I had prior to 2001, right?
  4. For whatever I'm craving in that moment to appear. Be it an amazing pair of boots, a fresh cup of coffee or tickets to a concert. The random things that come and go into and out of my life moment by moment… they don't matter in the long run, but it'd be *really* cool if they happened.
  5. For whatever thing is desired by someone I love. I have wished for new homes, jobs and babies, for friends and family. Sometimes, saying a prayer isn't enough, and physically doing something, even if it's just throwing a penny in a fountain, makes me feel like I'm being at least a little proactive.
  6. A million bazillion dollars. Let's be honest. It can't always be about world peace and babies for friends.
  7. The magic door. I've never actually wished for one, but I totally will the next time the opportunity arises! It's this power that Jamie came up with; it's a door that, whenever you open it, whatever you need is behind it. It's a gaming geek thing, but I'm totally gonna wish for my own amazing magic door.

My good friend Karen, who blogs over at Timecrafted, is blogging along with me again this week; go leave her a little love! If you also grab my list prompt, let me know! I'd love to give it a read!

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  1. I've got a gaming geek husband too, so I totally get the idea of the magic door thing! lol Great to read your list, Derby and glad to be writing along with you again this week! :>

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