Saturday Seven

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List the things you hear yourself saying day after day

  1. “Use your words, Max.” He's in that more than a little bit annoying phase of being almost three. He uses tears and whining to get what he wants. Toast takes 90 seconds? Meltdown. I'm trying to teach him how to take a deep breath and tell me what he wants, but with only moderate success.
  2. “What do you say?” (Please or thank you) He's good about saying it, but still needs reminding. He's much better about thanking you than he is about please.
  3. “I love you, Peanut, so much” When I drop him off at day care, this is my line to him after getting a hig and kiss. I say my part, he responds with “Soooo much” And I love it. Sooo much.
  4. “I'll get to it just as quick as I can.” Ah, work. I am the only designer working with/for a dozen sales people, so when deadline approaches, everyone needs everything five minutes ago.
  5. “What are we going to do about dinner?” We're bad planners. It'll be 6:15 and we'll kind of sit on the couch looking at each other. Both hungry, neither in the mood to cook. 99% of the time it's Jamie to the rescue, since he's a much better kitchen improviser than I.
  6. “Did I take my pills?” These last two are things I ask Jamie on a regular basis. He's not generally in the kitchen when I take my meds, but I ask him anyway, pretty much daily. Asking out loud usually triggers my brain to remember if I did (or did not)
  7. “Did I lock my car?” In my adult life, my car has been broken into and things stolen four times. Jamie's too, a couple of times. It's kind of a fear of mine, so every night I double-check by pressing the lock button to honk the horn at me from inside the house. If I forget, I ask Jamie to check it for me, and I've been know to ask him to go verify that it's locked for me. Weird? Yes. Consider it one of my charms!

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  1. Looks like we've got a bit in common here. Use your words is a big one for us! Love the Peanut exchange. Aren't those little bits we routinely share with our kidlets such great heart warmers?!! :> And we're often like that about dinner. Its the dreaded question and often Mike is the one to hop in and make something creative happen in the kitchen, in time for our five o'clock dinner hour.

    I was a bit late to the party, but I've written with ya and finally posted! :>

    Hope your weekend is a great one, Derby! :>

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