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List all the songs you know by heart
OK, this is a hard one! If I list Girl Scout camp songs alone, I'd probably have close to 100! So instead, in the interest of making this list a little more comprehensive, I'll list categories of songs.

  1. Girl Scout Camp Songs I was a Girl Scout for 12 years, and spent most of my junior high/high school scouting years in some sort of leadership position, which involves leading songs. Not limited to campfire, a Diablo Day Camp, we'd spend the first portion of each morning singing to get everyone awake and ready for the day. I've lost some of these songs due to non-use over the years, but if someone else starts singing them, I can jump in and sing along in no time! There are the easy ones, like Taps and Make New Friends, but the others that sometimes pop into my mind are Up in the Air Junior Birdman, She Wears a G for Generosity, and it's lesser cousin, He Wears a B for Baggy Underwear.
  2. St. Dorothy's Ritual Songs My sister and I spend a number of summers at St. Dorothy's Rest, a summer camp here in Northern California. Every night, at the end of campfire, we'd do the “Ritual,” which wasn't as creepy as it might sound; it's basically just a quick series of songs that are sung in order before we all went off to our respective cabins. If either of us (my sister or I) start singing it, there's a pretty good chance we'll end up ging through the whole thing, up to and including the (top of your lungs) Who are?! Who are?! Who are we?! We are! We are! St. Dorothy's! Campers, Counselors, Kitchen Crew! St. Dorothy's! We love yooooouuuuu!”
  3. BREAD Camp Songs The summer camp we went to after we “graduated” from St. Dot's (and where I met Jamie!) BREAD is so much more than summer camp. It, and the year-round activities with the people I met there (thanks to the Episcopal Diocese of California) were the main focus of high school and a significant influence in shaping who I am as an adult. Many of the songs were written by Matt McDermott, and then there were the classic church-y songs that turn up, in some variation or another, in every church camp. Many of these songs contributed to what eventually evolved into…
  4. Aslan Songs Kind of a spin-off of BREAD, our church started a band, Aslan. We had some incredible talent in that little group, and we were writing our own stuff, recording albums and touring within a couple of years. I actually have our first 2 albums on my iPod, and love the moment of wonderful memories that I get whenever one of those songs comes on.
  5. Beatles Songs Um, duh. We're huge Beatles fans around here. We went to Liverpool on our honeymoon. We used all Beatles music for our wedding ceremony. We named our kid Maxwell, and I teared up when Hey Jude was playing on the radio in the car when we finally brought him home from the hospital. I can do pretty much the entire Sgt. Pepper's album from memory, start to finish.
  6. Karaoke Songs There are days I really, really miss Mr. Pickwick's. It was this funky little British pub where I met some of my dearest friends, years ago. They had karaoke a couple nights a week, so when my sister and I (wow, she and I have a lot of musical things in common, dontcha think?) lived just down the road, it was what we did on Thursday and Friday nights. It's where she met her husband. And we sang a LOT of karaoke. My go-to songs were One Week, by the Barenaked Ladies, Hit Me with Your Best Shot by Pat Benetar and Breathless by the Corrs.

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