Room Redux!


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The “Harvest Gold” looking paint we've lived with for the last year and a half… it might not have been so bad if it wasn't *also* a crappy paint job!
They didn't paint the insides of the window casements, there were bloches of gold on the ceiling, big gloppy drips where they'd just layered it to fill in the corners. Really a mess.
We were fortunate, however, that it looked OK with the burgundy and gold tapestry duvet we had (we still have the bed skirt, as you can see below! LOL)
I picked up this quilt at Marshall's a few months ago, planning for this redo, and when the duvet got too hot over the summer, we just tossed it and went with the totally not matching, almost vomit inducing combo of gold and dusty blue.
(The bed looks really weird lumpy here… thpillows were a mess under the quilt! LOL)
Also, you can't tell, but we have a big vaulted ceiling in here.


Woo hoo! The paint is Kelly Moore; “Brown Town” and “Pathos”
We pulled the trim off the front of the window seat, and will instead run the baseboard to include it… we're also going to have the front of it textured to match the walls, for a more built in look.
We replaced the cheap-o vinyl blinds with brand new faux wood blinds by Hunter Douglas… we got a killer deal on them at
This end of the room will look amazing once Jamie builds the headboard and side tables of my dreams! (Mahogany wood with a dark Espresso stain)


A better shot of the old blinds, the nekkid windows, and the window seat with the white trim still in place.


The new blinds and curtains (from Target! They match perfectly!) I do need to get them hemmed a bit, and I have another panel that needs to be cut in half to cover the 2 smaller side windows.
In this pic, we had just pulled the trim off the front of the seat… we're leaving it off, and need to paint in the spaces there.
Jamie took the top of the window seat out (it opens for storage!) and sanded and repainted it, and cut the one long door (it was about 7 feet of a single foor!) into 2 smaller ones, and replaced the ugly gate hinges with more subtle hidden piano hinges.
The ties on the curtains are just a 2″ wide grosgrain ribbon I found at Joanne's; it was $4 for the spool of 4 yards, so I have enough still for the side windows as well.

My new mirror from IKEA! It's a sueded frame (I say dark brown, Jamie says black… whatever! LOL) with the white stitching, and is the perfect finishing touch! This wall is to the right of the bed… we also moved my 5 drawer lingerie chest (matches the dresser) over to my side of the bed as a temporary side table… I'm also planning to stain both of those pieces to a darker brown, for a change in the overall look and to better match the side tables when they're done (and eventually, the headboard!)

So, that's what we've been up to the last week or so! It's so fun to be making real progress on this stuff and to *really* be making our mark on the house!

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  1. oh wow! great work you two! love the window seat now and those blinds are awesome! beautiful paint colors, too!!! thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! The room looks great… so cool to see the progress! Dave said, “Now he knows where the magic happens…” He he…

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