Rockin’ the Baby

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I wrote a pretty heavy “rockin' the baby” inspired post recently, which you can read here. For those who prefer the lighter, more adorable side of newbies, here are a few of my favorites, from when Max was actually a baby-baby, not the little big huge kid he is now!

If you read my blog regularly, you know I'm a picture taking freak. If you're new here, Hi, I'm Lizz, and I'm a picture taking freak. Because of this, I couldn't possibly choose just one photo! Be happy I've limited it to only four! (But I've been blogging since before Max was born, so there are gazillions of other pics if you want to take a look! He is, after all, the handsomest kid that's ever been born in the entirety of humanity.)

Also, if you're into baby pictures, you might find my Thursdays interesting… Max was born on a Thursday, and ever since that first day, I've taken a photo every Thursday and posted it here. You can find them all under the Thursdays category.

Almost 5 months old, one in a series, which you can see here

First Halloween, he's Max from Where the Wild Things Are.
This homemade costume also sets the bar quite
high for all future Halloween costumes. 🙂

An outtake from our 2008 Christmas card shoot

I couldn't get away with this anymore. I know that. 🙂

I'm linking up with Shell over at Things I Can't Say for her Rockin' the Baby meme, which follows her Rockin' the Bump series. You can see *my* Rockin' the Bump post here.

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  1. Those eyes! I love them! I have made all of our costumes so far too. Someday they'll get a little out of my league, seeing as I can't sew.

  2. Too cute! And that Max costume is the best ever. Don't tell my husband – he will want to make one.

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