Ridiculous things I’ve done to get my 10,000 steps

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Darn that FitBit, taunting me to walk my way to weight loss! I have the default goal set, of 10,000 steps a day, It works out to about 5 miles, and it isn't too much of a challenge on days I walk to my office, but I still need to make a bit of an effort to hit my goals.

10000 steps fitbit

Here are some of the more ridiculous things I've done to get my steps done, without simply going for a walk (because that would be too easy)

  • Cross the street at every intersection, back and forth, back and forth
  • Use the bathroom down the hall at my office, instead of the one that's 25 feet from my desk.
  • Walk to said bathroom in a zigzag pattern down the hall.
  • Park at the far end of the parking lot at the train station (But not if I'll be coming home after dark. That wouldn't be smart)
  • Walk laps around the elevator, or maybe just march in place. (I can't really take the stairs at work, because there's a weird door situation at one end and I don't want to get trapped)
  • Pace the platform while waiting for the train. People give me weird looks, yes, but I feel like it's fewer weird looks than I'd get for marching in place while waiting.
  • Lap the grocery store after going down each aisle. Down the cereal aisle, take a lap around the produce section, down the baking aisle, lap around the deli.
  • Walk the halls while on conference calls. This only works for calls where I don't need my computer though, because that would be weird.

What is the weirdest thing you've ever done to get your steps done?

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  1. Once I noticed at the end of the day that I had gotten to 9,997 steps and so I got out of bed and paced around my house until my flex synced again and finally vibrated and flashed for me. I wanted that satisfaction!!

  2. I’m curious about the weight loss aspects — when you ended the Shakalee trial did you gain weight, or did you stay the same and you just want to be more fit now at a lower weight?


    1. I pretty much went off it over the winter, and lost track of all my good habits. 🙁
      I gained some back, because when it’s cold out, all I want to do is eat carbs. I didn’t work out for most of the winter, so I’m back up a bit. I’m still decently below where I started last year, but need to get back to my good habits.

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