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December 6 – Make.
What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

I make a lot of things every day. I make coffee. I make my way to work. I make money at work. I make advertisements for clients. I make Max say “Please” and “Thank you.” I make a mess. I make friends. I make plans. I make dinner. I make Max put his toys away. I make myself go to bed.
It's easy to “make” stuff. The challenge is in crafting, creating, designing.
It's like the difference between a Polaroid snapshot and a photographic portrait.

I can “make” dinner; it's Hamburger Helper.
I can “create” dinner; it's Peppercorn Roasted Pork with Vermouth Pan Sauce, served with a side of Asparagus with Morels and Tarragon

I can “make” coffee; so can the cashier at the local 7-11
I can “craft” coffee; use my french press with fresh ground Blue Bottle coffee beans and filtered water.

See the difference?

The challenge is to not “make” things, but to take the extra time/effort/thought to craft them instead. It's so easy to get caught up in the making, and I don't think it's always inappropriate. But for myself, for my inner artist (yeah, she's in there) for my sanity, I need to create and craft in my life as well.

Because I don't currently get to create in my day job; it's purely a “make” sort of place, I have to do my creating and crafting in my off time.

I'm a digital artist, scrapbooker, seamstress, baker, paper artist, photographer, aspiring knitter, wood turner, interior decorator… whatever strikes my fancy; if I feel moved to create, I try my best to oblige.

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  1. Loved that idea between making and creating! Never really thought of it that way before. Most excellent post! 🙂

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