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Retro Video Game Inspired Desk Organizer #PilotYourLife AD

There are two things that can really motivate me to get organized: Back to school season and cute office supplies. (I mean, there was that brief burst of organizational energy after I read Marie Kondo's book, but it was short-lived) When you combine back to school, cute Pilot G2 pens, and a little geeky magic, you get this sweet video game-inspired desk organizer that you can make at home!


1 All supplies flatlay #PilotYourLife

  • Base wood material (I used 3/4″ plywood, measuring 7.5 x 10)
  • 2 pieces backdrop wood material (1/8″ plywood 8″x10″)
  • Square dowel material (3/8″ square, about 14″ total)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Super Glue
  • Craft Paint (Green & Blue)
  • Mod Podge
  • Green spray paint (I used Rustoleum Ultra Cover in Meadow Green)
  • Brick texture printable <– Click to download
  • Assorted PVC pieces


    • Spray paint the PVC pieces being careful to avoid drips. Several light coats work better than one heavy coat.
      4 Spray painting #PilotYourLife
    • While paint is drying print the brick texture page at full size and trim the edges.
      2 Brick print #PilotYourLife
    • Use Mod Podge to adhere brick texture to base material. Be sure to put solid coat on top of texture as well.
      3 Decoupage brick #PilotYourLife
    • Using a scroll saw or similar, cut “hills” from one piece of the backdrop material. Paint the solid piece blue and the hill piece green.
    • Cut square dowel into 3 pieces: 10″, 2″, 4″ (The 2″ and 4″ pieces may be different based on the size of your hill edges. You want them to be hidden behind the green. Paint the sides green.
      5 Backdrop layout #PilotYourLife
    • Lay the dowel pieces on the blue backdrop along the bottom, adhere with super glue.
    • Lay the hill piece on top of the dowels to create a pocket for the background, using super glue. (This pic just shows placement of pieces; square everything up before adhering!)
      6 Backdrop pocket corner #PilotYourLife
    • Attach finished backdrop to base plate with super glue. (I use super glue instead of hot glue because it gives me more time to work; if you have slow cooling hot glue, that might work.)
      7 Backdrop in place #PilotYourLife
    • Arrange the PVC pipes however you want on the base plate. (I also used the side extension piece  of that middle pipe to help reinforce the background attachment.)
      8 Pipe placement overhead #PilotYourLife
    • Once you decide on placement, hot glue the pipes in place on the base. (Start in the back and then do the front row, and don't forget to work quickly because HOT GLUE!)
      9 Pipe placement #PilotYourLife
    • Load the pipes up with your favorite office supplies and you're ready to go!
    • Our supplies include lots of Pilot G2 pens, colored pencils, ruler, scissors, eraser, binder clips, ear buds, and a pad of paper for notes. A place for everything and everything in its place.
      Overhead complete

Simply put, Pilot G2 pens are my favorite writing instrument. The gel ink writes like a dream, and come in four point sizes and 15 colors! I picked up my cute colored ones at Target, where there are a bunch of options from classic black to amazing metallic colors.
office supplies flatlay #PilotYourLife

G2 pens are proven to write longer than all other gel brands, so you can rely on them not to give out on you. There's a G2 for everyone, they're available in Premium styles, Fashion Collections (pictured) and even Metallics.

Pilot Pens #PilotYourLife

I always go a little bit crazy when it comes time to refresh everything for the new school year, so it's great being able to find everything I need in one place under the big red circle that I love so much.

Pilot pens close #PilotYourLife

Brick corner view #PilotYourLife Desk Org with Notes #PilotYourLife

Do you G2? Click here to get more ideas to #PilotYourLife.

Desk Organizer #PilotYourLife

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