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I have a confession to make.
I totally remember saying the following:

I don't want a camera in my phone. I want my phone to be a phone. I already have a camera. I don't like all these combined gadgets.

Yes, it was about 2002 when I said it, but STILL!
I couldn't live without my iPhone. Or my Galaxy. Or my tablet. Mobile technology is and has changed everything I do, and I've embraced it and love it.

Proud gadget geek, right here.

Since I *always* have a phone (or two) on my person, I use them all the time to help with one of my most favorite things: shopping. Here just a few of the ways I use my phone to make shopping better and easier!

1. Antique Research Jamie and I love antiquing, and we each have our “things.” I collect vintage Kodak cameras, and he collects vintage Coleman camping equipment. When I'm out in the world and come across a camera I want to add to my collection, I want to know as much as I can about it before I talk to the seller.

For me, I head straight to The Brownie Camera Page for prices, specific info, and rarity on cameras. I don't want to overpay, and since I actually shoot with these cameras, I want to know what to look for before buying. Having the whole internet in my pocket helps make sure I get just what I'm looking for!

2. Pricing and Value Data Again with the antiquing! Sometimes, we'll come across something really cool, and while it might not quite fit our specific collecting habits, it could be a good way to make a couple of quick bucks. If we see something that seems like a great price, a quick look on eBay will tell us if we might be able to turn around and sell it for a little profit. It's also another great source for making sure that the asking price for an item is in line with what others are going for.

3. Friendly, don't call it nagging, favors from the husband Jamie drives a lot for work, so he's in and out of his car all day… this is one time when mobile technology helps keep me from shopping, instead of doing it, but that's OK with me! A quick text to ask him to pick up a couple of quick items on his way home helps everything run just a little bit smoother; I text when I think of it, he reads it when he gets a chance, voila. Milk in the fridge, bread on the counter.


So tell me: How do YOU use mobile technology for shopping?

This campaign has been brought to you by Splash Creative Media on behalf of eBay Mobile. I was compensated for my post, but my words and opinions remain my own. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I totally faked that text conversation with my husband. I text him to get things all the time, but that particular exchange was staged for this post. 🙂

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  1. I pre-shop without Mike for big items. Like when we bought the boys’ bunk beds. I took photos in stores and then showed him. I’ll text him pics of stuff I want to buy for his opinion. Or friends. Or my sister. Very helpful when attempting to clothes shop by yourself or with your kids and you’re fashion challenged.

  2. As you’re probably aware, I have a huge nail polish collection. When I’m indulging my nail polish buying habits, I ALWAYS google for swatches first, to see what the polish looks like on actual nails and to also make sure I have no dupes. This means I cross-check with a google docs spreadsheet I have of all my nailpolishes.


    1. Everyone, please note: “This means I cross-check with a google docs spreadsheet”
      Alison- You’re amazing! XOXO

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