Rainy Day Survival Tips

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Rainy Day Survival Ideas

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Oh, March. You take that whole “in like a lion, out like a lamb” thing so very seriously. We've had weeks and weeks of gorgeous weather, but are now battening down for a ton of rain we're supposed to get next week.

All our brains (and wardrobes!) have clicked over to springtime mode, and BAM! More rain. Sigh.

It's one thing when the rain is expected, but showing up after a long absence like this coming week, is a whole ‘nother thing. The novelty has worn off, and while I'm perfectly content curling up with a blanket and a book, Max needs a little more motivation when it comes to rainy day entertainment.

No matter what we do, Max always needs a snack on the go, and his favorite thing is Babybel. It transports easily, he loves playing with the wax wrapper, and it's packed with protein and calcium. Win for him, win for me.

Max with Mozzarella

Family Activites

  1. Game day: You can always play a game (or five) For us, we have trouble finding games that we all love to play, but some of our favorites are Spot It, Family Fluxx, Monopoly Here and Now (only about a 20 minute game; much better with kids than the traditional version), and our number one fave, LEGO Creationary.
  2. Puddles galore: Gear up and just add water! I haven't jumped in one myself in years, but I love just watching Max have a blast in the rain.

Puddle Jumping

  1. Trip to the movies: It gets you out of the house and lets you have a bit of an adventure as well. We can almost always find at least one movie that's playing at the theater that we all want to see. It's an activity we don't do often, so actually going to the theater is a huge deal for us.
    movie lobby
  2. Find a pond and some rocks: You don't have to be afraid to actually go out in the rain! Sometimes, just a walk as a family in the rain can be a lovely way to pass the day. We have a rule that Max is only allowed to throw rocks at the beach, but the pond at Grandpa and Bubba's house totally counts.
    Throwing Rocks
  3. Build a family-sized fort: Hand over the living room and get the whole family in on fort building. This fort building kit can make it easy if you don't have conveniently located furniture for building.
  4. Bake something delicious: Max loves to help in the kitchen, even more when we're making something fun, like  cupcakes or cookies. I can pretty much always make cookies of some sort with stuff I have on hand. Snickerdoodles are easy, as are chocolate chip.
  5. Get crafty: You can work on something together, or each person can work on their own project. We all love Perler beads, and can spend lots of time working on projects together.
  6. Write and illustrate a story: Have the whole family chip in to put together a book; is there a story you always tell? Or one you've always wanted to? You never know when you might come up with the next Harry Potter!

What are your go-to family activities on bad weather days? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!


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