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Just some little snippets from recent life with Max, from Facebook statuses and general notes…

We're potty training (sigh) and the other night, Jamie put Max on the toilet. After about 30 seconds, Max yells from the bathroom (he needs privacy and asks you to leave the room) “Okay! I'm done!”
Jamie walks in and says, “Why don't you hang out here for a minute? Can I get you a book?”
“Hmmm…. I think I'd like a magazine.”
“OK then.”
Jamie walks out to me in the living room and says “The Boy requests a magazine, and I don't want him pooping on my Fine Woodworking,” so he grabs a Maxim that's laying around and takes it to Max.
“Oh. Not that one! I want the Reader's Digest one please!”
Jamie comes back to me in the living room. “He wants Reader's Digest.”
As soon as we both recover from our laughing fit, he takes the most recent RD into the bathroom.
“Aaah! There it is! Reader's Digest!”


I let Max take his Hot Wheels out front to race them on the walkway. He's now bringing them inside. One. At. A. Time. All 20+ of them. I'm pooped just watching him!


Some mornings when we're running late, Max gets his Cheerios in a ziplock baggie to eat in the car (sans milk) We've been out of sandwich baggies for some time, and were using the actual Ziplock brand freezer bags we get at Costco. When we finally replenished the generic sandwich baggies, upon handing Max his Cherrio bag, he said, “That's not right! It doesn't have pink stripes or blue stripes!”


I gave him one of my old stuffed animals, a seal from some excursion with my parents/grandparents I'm sure (Make mental note: Ask my mom) He saw it up on a shelf in his room, identified it as a seal and asked to play with it, so I handed it over. Looking at it (after a big hug and kiss) he said “Oh no! Where's his face?”
I pointed out the eyes and nose and drew an imaginary line with my finger for where the mouth should be (artistic license on the part of the toy designer, I guess)
I had him leave the seal at home on his chair, and as we walked out of the room, Max had his shoulders slumped and a hangdog expression on his face.
“What's wrong kiddo?”
“I'm worried about my seal. He doesn't have a mouth! How will he eat applesauce?”
So sweet that he's worried about the toy, but I'm a little worried about him trying to feed applesauce to his toys!


“Oh, Mommy! You're a Queen and I love you so much!”
“Aww, thanks kiddo! That's very sweet!”
“Yup. You're big like Lightning McQueen! And red!”


“Let's sing a funny song! Row, row, row your boat… {insert rest of song} merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life's a bowl of spaghetti!”


He has started naming his toys, and not just by adding the “ee” sound to the end (Cowey, Trucky, Chickeny, etc) The yellow Hot Wheels dumptruck is now Chootrizz, and the jungle print Humvee is Johnjo. And one of them is College, but I'm not sure who… the bulldozer, I think.


He likes getting us to say things. “Say purple!”
“Say purple again!”
“Purple again.”
“Say purple again!”
“Purple again.”
Repeat half dozen times, until he says: “OK. We both say purple.”
(Purple can be replaced by any word he can think of)


And a little bit of friendly kiddo torture from the other night…
Disclaimer: This was him requesting to watch CARS for the THIRD time in a day… he is not suffering from a lack of Pixar exposure.

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  1. Holy cats…our kids are exactly the same!!!!! I was laughing so hard about the "Reader's Digest" so classic!!!!!

    I love Max , he's awesome…plus his antics make my kids look normal!!!!! Xo

  2. Geez. With a face like that I'd buy him Lightening McQueen. He speaks really well. Glad you sent this because I missed it last month 🙂

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