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I voted this morning, did you?
I voted to take part in history… for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.
I voted for better treatment for farm animals.
I voted against a poorly written alternative energy proposition.
I voted that minors should *not* be forced to tell their parents they're pregnant.
And I voted to preserve traditional marriage… I voted NO on 8.
Traditional marriage is two people who want to spend every day of the rest of their lives together… who can't picture themselves growing old without *that* person by their side. They're signing up to be that person's everything; to make them soup when they're sick, to be able to order off a restaurant menu without having to ask what the other person wants. They're offering to share their home, their heart and their bathroom. They're willing to take the good with the bad, the highs with the lows, and every day in between.
Traditional marriage is two people who don't feel complete unless they're together. It doesn't matter if it's two men or two women.
Traditional marriage isn't just a man and a woman. It's two people.

As we stand here on the eve of these life and world changing ballots, I look at Max and wonder… “What will be the ‘Proposition 8′ of his voting career?” This election season has been unlike anything I've ever seen… every street corner is lined with people proclaiming their beliefs. I drove past my old high school this morning and saw dozens of students' cars covered with political signs. Young people are coming out in droves to vote and volunteer. Everyone wants to be part of something amazing, something historic.

And we were here.

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  1. your post made me cry. I will never understand why it is wrong to love another human being, to be good to one another, to want to be recognized as equals in this society. The people that urge us to “preserve marriage” will never know what it’s like to be told you are not equal just because you love a specific someone. It’s a HUGE step back for social progress and justice.

  2. Amazing post. Have sent it to a couple people. You are a woman of great words.

    And Max is freakin’ adorable! I love the shirt.

  3. Beautiful post! I’m very excited too, it’s been a long time since I voted for the winning candidate for President.

    And, I had to vote by mail, it is kind of a sore subject.

  4. Wow Liz,
    We love your post! Danielle loved it so much she printed it out to put on her binder cover. You said what I feel so perfectly! Thank you for that and for being such an amazing person.
    Love, Lori

  5. Thanks for the great post, Lizz. Made me look at the bright side and see that my candidate, plus three quarters of the issues I cared about, came out on the side I wanted.

    We’ll just have to see how the Prop 8 thing washes out. As someone said today, this isn’t the end of the issue.

  6. Max’s generation, which is also that of my two-month old GradDaughter Haley , will look back and say “Gay people couldn’t get married? That was stupid…” Like Jamie said Max will see “No Man/Machine interface…”

    And I want to say that the bitter tears of sour grapes Republicans tasted awfully good this morning here in the Wonderful Red State of Tennessee…..

    MMMMM tears are good….

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