Preschool: Week 1 in Review

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Whew! That went SO much faster than I'd planned!
I can't believe it's already Friday and we're a week in!

Max had a fabulous week, and I love that the director of the school went out of her way to tell us that he'd been great and that she was happy that he had transitioned so easily.

I only cried a little bit; as we were walking out of the parking lot after drop-off. It caught me totally by surprise; I'd been so excited this whole time, but then the reality of it sank in and just whomped me! It only lasted a few minutes, but I'll own it. I sent my baby to preschool and cried.

Apparently the low part of Max's first day was that “no one would listen to me and let me tell them my funny joke!” He had, a few weeks ago, expressed some concern about the other kids laughing at him. We have no idea where he got that idea, but it's a little heartbreaking, isn't it? Jamie pointed out to him that if he said something funny, like a joke, he should *want* the kids to laugh, so it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Well, I guess he'd had this joke set aside to tell his new classmates and no one listened. 🙁 Or, he stood in the middle of a noisy preschool classroom and said it and everyone was busy. I have no idea. 🙂

He's survived the first week with no Blue Dog for nap time! We let him take Blanket because a) he needs a blanket for naptime anyway, b) I'm a lot less concerned about the large-ish blanket accidentally getting misplaced and c) I can replace Blanket on eBay for less than $20 (A replacement Blue Dog has never been spotted!)

To help him leave Blue Dog behind on Tuesday, we took my mother in law's advice (yes, really!) and set Blue Dog up at his own “school,” with a book to read and a friend to keep him company.

As soon as we picked Max up, he couldn't *wait* to see if Blue Dog had had a great day too, and to tell him all about his day. (Swoon)

We've been counting down to our Disneyland trip with one of those construction paper chains like you used to make… we started at the end of July I think, and every morning Max rips off one more ring… I had gone through and marked some days along the way; family birthdays, adventure days, and the first day of school… I'm pretty sure Max was as excited to rip off the School ring as he will be to rip off the Disneyland one come Tuesday!

 Because we can't mark a major transition without a new tradition (does that rhyme?), we decided to go to our favorite doughnut shop for breakfast! It's just across the street from the preschool, and only a few minutes walk from home; we drove on this particular day, but have ridden our bikes or walked over on weekend mornings for doughnuts and coffee. (Random trivia: The male owner of the shop was the first stranger to ask me if I was pregnant! LOL) The couple that owns the shop has a little girl just Max's age, so they always know how to engage him and we love visiting them.

Max mostly loves the doughnuts.

Breakfast of champions, baby.

So we finished our nutritious delicious breakfast and walked across the street to school.

I've written before about how happy I am with our choice of preschool. Well, it just keeps getting better!

From the moment we walked in, every staff member knew Max by name, and greeted him accordingly. Someone was quick to walk us through the check-in procedures (we check him in and out in a cool computer program!) and help Max find his cubby and put his things away.

And, ahem, there's even a webcam in his classroom, so I check and see what they're up to all day! So far, it's bordering on a Pinterest-quality timesuck, but I'm pretty sure the novelty will wear off eventually. 😉

So that's the first week of Max's academic career! I think we're off to a great start! He's got his first Show & Tell today, and yesterday he used scissors for the first time. The time flies faster every day, my boy gets bigger and smarter every day, and I love this adventure called parenting, more every day.

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  1. So, this made ME cry. Why? Because Max is such a special boy and has such a special place in our lives and my heart. I died a little when I thought of kids laughing at him. And, then I thought of how quickly this will come for Dash and I cried a little more. xoxo

    1. I don’t think anyone would actually laugh at him… I don’t even know where he picked that up.
      I also think he’s so used to people (us) stopping what we’re doing to listen to him, he isn’t used to being part of a crowd. Just another new experience for him…

  2. I’m so excited and happy for Max!! My bestie’s youngest just started school this year, and is loving it!! I dont have kids myself (radiation damage to my ovaries do to teenage cancer) but i love living these moments through my friends and through your blog!! its all soo sweet 🙂 i cried a little when you walked awasy also 🙂

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