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Suzy did a great job with our pics… I can't say enough how much of a different knowing your photographer makes! These are mostly unedited; I got the raw files from her so I can take care of editing and color correction. I'm getting harassing emails looking for photos, so I want to get these posted! LOL

Jamie hadn't seen me all dressed up at this point… hadn't seen the dress or anything… I think it's a cute shot! LOL

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  1. WOW there are some amazing pics in there!! Suzy did a good job and you two look fabulous. Can’t wait to see some layouts with these!

  2. not really sure how I happened upon your blog. Probably from 2peas or something, but I check in with you every now and again.

    Your wedding was absolutely beautiful and I really like how you just didn’t worry about some of the details. It sounds like you had a great time at your wedding as well as your guests and that doesn’t often happen for the bride 🙂

    Do I understand correctly that you brewed your own beer for the guests? How freakin’ awesome is that.

    Anyway, the best of luck to both you and your husband.


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