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If you're as hooked on pinning as I am, I'm sure you've heard the folks who say that Pinterest is all about creating the life we think we want… clothes we can't afford, recipes we'll never make, houses we'll never own, blah blah blah.

Well, the vast majority of my pinning is recipes, craft projects, and boredom busters for Max. All things that I can very easily incorporate into my real life! So why not actually make a point of doing just that? And an idea was born! My Twitter friend @rubyspikes suggested I make this a link-up… it's something I'd considered for a second, but wasn't sure how to go about it. Turn again to Twitter, and voila, questions answered! So, here's what you need to do to participate:

  1. Go to your Pinterest boards and choose something to try. I'm mostly picturing people trying recipes and crafts, but anything is welcome!
  2. Try it! I'd love to know if you make any changes or substitutions, because depending on your own results, your voice of experience will benefit others who want to try it!
  3. Grab the button (below) and include it on your post.
  4. When you write the post, please include a link directly to the pin, and one to the original post (for those who aren't on Pinterest!) To include a link directly to the pin, just grab the URL at the top on the window. To include the image, just go to the pin and look on the right edge of the photo… you'll see a bunch of buttons; the “Embed” button will give you the image with a link back to Pinterest and a credit to the source. You can also grab the cute little “Pin It” button if you go to the top right corner of your screen: About –> About –> Goodies and then scroll down to the Pin It button and instructions.
  5. Come back and link up, and check out some of the others! You can pin things that interest you, and find some great new blogs to read as well!

The link-up will be open from July 11-18, so anytime in the next week and a half, see what you can do!

Pinterest IRL Link-up

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  1. What an interesting link-up idea. I need to check out this Pinterest thing. I'm so behind the times!

  2. This will make for a great linkup, Lizz! Ya know, I envisioned a tasty delight or a crafty creation as my first Pinterest inspired creation and it shocked the heck out of me what I ended up doing….but, it was a necessity and it worked! :>

  3. I don't know almost anything about pinterest, but I think I am going to learn more about it this summer and then I will try to link up.

  4. My post is not ready yet, but I'll be back. The pinterest addict that I am (see I can admit it) I have also (oh, does that mean I'm call you an addict too? I suppose if we are doing this we all have a bit of a problem, huh?!) tried some of my pinterest inspirations. See you in a couple of days! -Laverne

  5. Whew! I did it! Hopefully, I followed the instructions correctly. 🙂 Also, a quick question… does it have to be a recipe or can it be a crafty thing?

  6. Tada! I'm in. I have one more that we did. We'll see if I get it posted this week. 🙂 Also, I am SO glad you did this. We need to live the things we love.

  7. Yea! Done and linked! And again, love this idea, it's like actually doing things with all the magazine clippings I have collected over the years, but you know, on the interwebz.

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