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Just a clean off of my camera and hard drive… some pics I've been meaning to post for *ages* LOL

Our season tickets! Woo hoo!

Can you tell I tried to get a cool motion shot here? It's hard though, with one hand doing the page flipping, and the other holding the camera! LOL

This is probably going to be Jamie's wedding ring… it's black titanium.

My newest obsession, thanks to the Peas! My Crocs. My first pair. (Notice “first”) I'm going to get orange ones for baseball games, and Jamie wants a pair, but minus the holes. And thanks to my friend Bonnie, I want pink ones too!
I bought Katie a pair of yellow ones; they're nice and roomy for her preggo toes!

OK, how cute is Geoffrey? He really will sleep under the covers like this! I took these the other morning, after I got up… he just stayed there, tucked in, next to where I'd been sleeping!

Jamie and I got locked out of the house the other night (our front door locks automatically) and he had to get all Chuck Norris and kick the front door in. He came home from work the next day with this solution… a thumbprint biometric door lock! He and Dave are going to install it this weekend, apparently.
But we now have “Do not Duplicate” front door keys! LOL

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