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I feel like I can do this without guilt, thanks to my weekly writing challenge! LOL
As an aside, Max had his hernia repair surgery last week, and came through it like a champ! I'm going to hold off blogging the specifics until I have some “after” photos to include… at his current rate of healing, I'll post those next week!
He was hardly slowed down by the surgery at all; after only 1 day of his prescription Tylenol with codeine, he was moving around fine and even picked off his own Steri-strip almost as soon as he saw it!
Anyway, more on that next week… here are some photos!

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  1. Oops – guess I haven't visited your blog in a while. I commented on the hernia repair about 3 minutes ago and it seems he's already had the surgery. DUH. I'm glad he did splendidly!! 🙂

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