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I promised a few honeymoon pages, didn't I?

Pretty self-explanatory, IMHO.

Europe, as seen through a backwards camera! LOL
These are all of the pics we took of ourselves like this… we took some other “self-portraits” but not just like these… Going from the top left, down, the pics are: Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower (the bottom), Jardin des Tuillaires, Eiffel Tower (the top), the Louvre, Guinness, somewhere in Dublin, Sacre Couer, the British Museum, Place du Caroussel, from a boat on the Seine.

OK, and this one isn't honeymoon, but you'll have to deal! LOL
It's for the store and I'm not sure I love it… don't know why.
The current pic of me isn't so faded IRL… not sure why it scanned that way… simple enough concept, 4th of July birthday. My 1st birthday and my 30th (or close to it). The torn bit on the left opens to reveal some journaling about how I thought the parade and all was just for me when I was a kid…

I'm hoping to get back into a better rhythm of scrapping, and once the CHA goodies start showing up, I'm sure I'll be creating like a crazy person! LOL

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