Otherwise Worthless

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I've been in a rut lately. With my writing, with my photography, with getting crafty… so I have to get out of it.

I'm trying to write more (Hey! This is three posts in a row!) to try and force the writer's block away.

The photography is more challenging; I feel like I'm not going to improve without shooting more… but I feel like poor Max needs a break. It almost seems like I have to go “pro” just to get myself some new people and things to shoot, but I also know that I'm not at that point yet, or if I ever will be.

So I needed a project.

I need to create for the sake of creating. Art as art.

And so I started Otherwise Worthless.

I want to take pictures of those things that mean the world to someone, but only one someone. Something that might seem pointless, trivial, useless to anyone else, but you.

It's small now; just me and Jamie, my sister and her husband. But I have plans for it to grow.

I might even expand out to see if strangers will let me take pictures of their “worthless” items!

I'm also thinking about adding a page so others can upload their own photos, to expand the project even more. I love the stories behind these things. They warm my heart, and documenting them is important.

So, if you're local, please let me know if you'd like to participate! If you aren't, keep in touch, because I'm hoping to make it possible for you to participate too! And everyone is welcome to explore the site and leave comments, as much for me as the owner of the item. I'd love to hear your stories too!

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  1. I’d love for you to come and take a picture of my treasures:)) and no I don’t mean the grandchildren although they are always good subject matter – lets set a date for you to come over and take my priceless picture:)) love the idea of this!!

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