Other Families in Need

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We have been overwhelmed by the love and support we've been shown by our community and strangers, and will spend the rest of our lives repaying the gratitude we feel today. Here's the list of ways to help our family directly.

We're in touch with our insurance company and are making progress there. As the smoke clears, both literally and figuratively, more and more families are finding themselves in our same situation.

I'll be compiling a list here of other GoFundMe's and ways to donate for other members of our community. I'm only pulling these from a list that has been verified by multiple sources, so they are confirmed to be helping the people they claim to be helping.

If you're so moved, our whole town has been impacted has here are other families that need your help. At the time of this writing, 88 homes are confirmed destroyed.

Update Aug 8

We attended a town hall meeting last night with CalFire, town officials and the Placer County Sheriff's Office. We learned more about how the fire progressed, and got some updated info. The homes that were destroyed are evenly split between Placer and Nevada counties (The river is the county line) with about 35 homes in each county flattened, pl.us other structures and a couple of commercial buildings.

Here are county assistance funds for both counties:

Nevada County Relief Fund

Placer Community Fund

Thanks to Joan M for providing these links.

Colfax Area Family Assistance

Dominique & Cameron have a baby due in just a couple of weeks.

Mikah lost his home and car

Don & Cheryl Axton

Jaime Erickson

The Wetzel family

Ciera & Alex

The Hayes family

Mike & Mackenzie

The Varanini family

Becky & Jeff


The Ishmael family

The Arants family

The Miller family

The Juvinall family

The Guzman family

The Brown family

Lisa Stager

The Kendall & Dolezal families

Barry and his family


Jim & Donna Dion

The Shuttleworth family

Angela & David

Isetta Family

This is a general community fundraiser




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  1. I too lost our home in Colfax and still evacuated. Can you please add our name to your list. My heart aches in a billion pieces and I’m trying to see the HOPE at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Lizz, James suggested I leave this information for your blog. First, I have a family whom you should add to your list…feel free to email me for that information. Second, you also might think about adding to your list the Nevada County Relief Fund at https://www.nevcorelief.org/ and the Placer Community Foundation at https://placercf.org/ –both have established Fire Relief Funds.

  3. My son, Daren Allbee and his kids lost their home on White Oak Dr this week too. I am hoping you can add them to your list of families. Also his brother and sister have started a go fund me account. Does this info get added to the site or do I need to do something more?
    Thank you for helping so many people in our community.

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